Let’s look at transferring a waveform created for use with a model 1104 or 1104D to a model 1102 or 1102D.

Start by exporting the desired waveform using the Export button in the Waveform Sequencer as shown in figure 1:

Figure 1:

The Export key is used to save a waveform as a text file.

The Export key will save the waveform as a text file which is independent of the model of ArbStudio used. Pressing the export key will bring up a pop up box allowing you to set the path where the file will be saved along with the filename.

Figure 2:

Setting the export path and file name.

The exported file will look similar to the example in Figure 3.

Figure 3:

Part of an exported waveform text file

The beginning of the file will contain a two line header containing the sample rate and the number of samples in the waveform. The balance of the file contains the amplitude values of the waveform.

Once the waveform has been saved disconnect the ArbStudio hardware from the computer. Restart the ArbStudio application program. At the “Unable to find ArbStudio…” pop up select Cancel. With the hardware disconnected the program will offer to start in the demo mode, do so.

Figure 4:

Starting ArbStudio without hardware.

Figure 5:

Select Yes to enter demo mode

Select Start a New Workspace and enter a filename:

Figure 6:

Creating a new workspace.

Once you have entered the filename click on the desired ArbStudio model, in this case we chose the ArbStudio 1102. After the ArbStudio software starts open the waveform sequencer for channel 1.

Figure 7:

Press the Import button to import the waveform text file.

Press the Import button shown in figure 7. The software will prompt for the source file. Browse to the file you previously exported. Click on Open to begin the import process.

Figure 8:

Selecting a file to import.

Figure 9:

The import Waveform control box.

In the Input file settings change the Header lines to remove entry to 2 and then press OK.

The waveform should appear in the Waveform window.

Figure 10:

The imported waveform shown in the Waveform window.

Enter the waveform into the sequencer then save the workspace using the file pull down menu.

Figure 11:

Transfer the waveform into the sequencer and then save the workspace

Exit ArbStudio. Then connect the ArbStudio Hardware, in this example we connected an ArbStudio 1102. Restart the ArbStudio software and open the workspace. With the hardware now connected the ArbStudio software will show the following popup:

Figure 12:

Reconnecting the hardware.

Press Yes to connect to the hardware.

ArbStudio will confirm with the following pop up, press OK:

Figure 13:

Relinking the hardware.

At this point the workspace should open. Pressing the Run button will load the waveform into the connected device and output the waveform.

Figure 14:

Outputting the waveform from the ArbStudio 1104 on the ArbStudio 1102.

Save this workspace to update the hardware description saved in the workspace.

This completes the transfer.