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6930-LW LabWindows Drivers for Camac Digitizers


LeCroy 6930 Series Software combined with LeCroy modular instruments form a powerful waveform acquisition and analysis system. The LeCroy 6930-LW Driver Library provides an interface to LabWindows that:

- Drastically reduces programming time
- Enables direct program control of LeCroy modular products (CAMAC)
- Permits interactive code generation


The interactive environment allows faster, easier, and cleaner custom application generation. The 6930-LW eliminates user-written GPIB, CAMAC, display, analysis, and printout/plotter routines. Since there is no need to learn GPIB or CAMAC programming one can concentrate on the test application.

The LabWindows programming environment uses either Basic or C language syntax. Both are industry standard languages, so there is no need to learn a new programming language.

Programs developed within LabWindows using LeCroy drivers can be compiled into stand-alone programs using standard C and QuickBASIC compilers or combined with your existing ATE programs. Thus, custom programs are not restricted to only the LabWindows environment.

LabWindows contains generic GPIB programming functions for easy integration of LeCroy modular instruments and other GPIB-based instrumentation. The 6930-LW drivers generate code for a custom program using function panels. A function panel is a full-screen user interface for interactively executing library functions, such as those that control the LeCroy modules, without the tedious process of typing and editing program code. Parameters are selected using pictorial controls on the function panel. One can immediately execute the functions for each panel and see the LeCroy modules respond, or you can place the functions in the program. By placing the functions in the program, all the code needed to setup, acquire, and read back data from the LeCroy modules is written automatically. One needs only to select settings on the function panels.

The 6930-LW drivers provide the function panels needed to control LeCroy modular instruments. Each function panel has context sensitive help that is easily accessed with the press of a mouse button. To get started quickly on a custom program, there are example programs for each of the supported modules. In this way the basics of a control program can be designed by modifying LeCroy demo programs. In every respect the 6930-LW is designed to help generate custom applications quickly and easily without the complications typically associated with custom test programs.

6930-LW Supported CAMAC Plug-ins

2228A ­p; High Precision TDC

2249A,SG,W ­p; Charge ADC

2323A ­p; Dual Gate & Delay Generator

4208 ­p; Multi-hit TDC

4222 ­p; Quad Gate & Delay Generator

6010 ­p; GPIB Instrument Controller

6103 ­p; 150 MHz Dual Amplifier

6810 ­p; 5 MS/sec, 12-bit Digitizer

6840 ­p; 40 MS/sec, 2-Channel Digitizer

6841 ­p; 100 MS/sec, 2-Channel Digitizer

TR8818A ­p; 100 MS/sec, 8-bit Digitizer

TR8828D ­p; 200 MS/sec, 8-bit Digitizer

TR8837F ­p; 32 MS/sec, 8-bit Digitizer

8901A ­p; GPIB Instrument Controller

Hardware Requirements

IBM PC AT, EISA, PS/2 or 100% compatible:

Minimum 80286 processor

Numeric coprocessor

Minimum 4M memory

10M free hard disk space

EGA, VGA, Super VGA, or Hercules graphics adapter

Microsoft or compatible mouse

For other software requirements please see National Instruments LabWindows data sheet.

Software Requirements

MS-DOS Version 3.0 or higher. To create stand-alone executable programs requires one of the following:

Microsoft C 5.0 or higher

QuickC 2.0 or higher

QuickBASIC 4.0 or higher

Professional BASIC 7.0

For other software requirements please see National Instruments LabWindows data sheet.

Ordering Information

6930: Includes: National Instruments Standard and Advanced Analysis LabWindows packages and LeCroy CAMAC drivers for LabWindows.

6930-STD: Includes: National Instruments Standard LabWindows package and LeCroy CAMAC drivers for LabWindows.

6930-LW: Includes: LeCroy CAMAC drivers for LabWindows. (Requires National Instruments LabWindows.)

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