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8007 Transportable MAINFRAME


LeCroy's Model 8007 Transportable Instrument Housing and Power supply presents a compact, low cost solution for 2 to 32 input waveform digitizing applications. The 8007 accommodates up to five single width plug-in instru ments such as LeCroy's Model 6840 dual channel, 128 ksample waveform digitizer. It takes full advantage of the high density packaging of LeCroy's newest modules.

The 8007 housing provides over 280 Watts of total power while occupying only 5.25 by 14.25 inches of bench space or 5.25 inches of rack height. Its dual cooling fans provide ample airflow at low noise level for all instrument configurations.

Some advantages of LeCroy's modular products are the ability to expand the number, sampling frequency, and waveform recording memory length of digitizer channels as the needs of the application change. Because of the low cost of the 8007, expanding the capabilities of the system by simply adding 8007 housings and a mainframe controller is an affordable option.

The compact 8007 design minimizes space requirements in either benchtop or rack mount installations. In addition to rack mount hardware, a carrying handle is included with the unit to permit convenient transport.



Four Channel, 40 or 100 MS/sec, Digitizing System:

32K to 128K samples per channel with signal conditioning and signal averaging/processing.

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Ten Channel, 40 or 100 MS/sec, Digitizing System:
0.5 V fixed input full scale.

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Four Channel, 1 to 5 MS/sec, 12-Bit Digitizing System:
512K samples per channel, 0.4 V to 100 V input full scale.

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32 Channel, 5 kS/sec Digitizing System:
2K samples per channel, ±5 V input full scale.

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Input Voltage: 110/220 V AC ±10%. Selectable by rear panel switch.

Frequency: 50/60 Hz.

Line Regulation: For ±10% AC input fluctuations: ±0.2% on ±24 V line, ±0.5% on ±6 V line.

Load Regulation: For 0 - 100% output current change: ±1% on ±24 V line, ±1% for ±6 V line.

Over Current Shutdown: Shutdown at 120% (typical) nominal output current for ±24 V. Shutdown at 120% (typical) nominal output current for ±6 V.

Over Voltage Shutdown: Shutdown at ±27 V (typical) for ±24 V line. Shutdown at ±7 V (typical) for ±6 V line.

Dimensions: Height is 5.22" (132.67 mm); width is 17.55" (440 mm) without rackmount adapter; 19.0" (482 mm) with rackmount adapter; depth is 14.5" (360 mm).

Weight: 24 lbs (10.8 kg).

Packaging Standard: Transportable benchtop or rackmount instrument housing and power supply with seven slots for IEEE-583 standard modular instruments. Fully compatible with all LeCroy modular digitizer products.

Ordering information

The Model 8007 Instrument Housing and Power Supply for benchtop or rackmount, houses up to five instrument modules and one controller (seven slots total). It includes carrying handle, rackmount hardware and line cord. Specify Model 8007/110 V AC or 8007/220 V AC for desired AC voltage when ordering.

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