The Data Design Minicrate Model 1000 provides a cost effective solution for small CAMAC based instrument configurations. The Minicrate incorporates high power switching power supplies containing all standard CAMAC voltages as well as the often used ▒12 V power. Both short circuit protection and overvoltage shutdown circuitry are incorporated in the design of the power supply to guard against accidental damage to modules. Cooling for the thermally isolated power supply compartment is provided by its own dedicated fan. The enclosure is all aluminum and has two stage, integral, RFI line filters which reduce its susceptibility to conducted as well as radiated noise. The power supply has additional filtering allowing many low signal level modules to be used. Due to the side location of the power supply, the case depth is less than 16 inches.




Number of Module Positions: Eleven (right two positions required for crate controller).

Dataway Interface: As per IEEE 583-1975.

Backplane: Six layer with integral ground plane.

Module Cooling Provision: Two brushless DC fans, 75 cfm each.

Size: Height 12.75"; width 12.00"; depth 15.50": weight 29 lbs.

Controls: Double pole AC power switch with integral pilot lamp (both sides of line switched).

Line Connector: IEC standard AC line connector with voltage selection switch.

Ambient Temperature Range: 0 to 50░ C.



Output Voltages: +6 V at 0-15 A; -6 V at 0-15 A;+24 V at 0-2.5 A; -24 V at 0-2.5 A; +12 V at 0-1.5 A;-12 V at 0-1.5 A.

Output Voltage Regulation: Load regulation 0 load to rated load: 6 V less than 0.2% change; 24 V less than 0.2% change; 12 V less than 0.2% change.

Line Regulation (input within specifications): Less than 0.2% change.

Output Ripple: 6 V less than 10 mV p to p; 24 V less than 50 mV p to p; 12 V less than 50 mV p to p.

Power Supply Protection: Over voltage shutdown protection on all supplies. Over current shutdown on 6 V and 24 V power. Current limiting on 12 V supplies. Thermal protection shutdown.

Shutdown circuitry turns off all output power until reset by switching off main power.


Input Voltage:

120 V Range 100 V to 130 V

240 V Range 200 V to 260 V

Frequency 47 to 65 Hz

Input Power 450 Watts maximum

Input voltage range selected on rear panel.


Power Supply Cooling: 15 cfm fan in power supply compartment.

RFI Filtering: Two stage RFI filter incorporating common mode and differential filtering.



When ordering, please append your input line voltage as a suffix:
Typical line voltage usage:

100V for Japan
120V for North America
220V for continental Europe
240V for the UK

DDC1000 part numbers:


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