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Model IP-2 Instapulser

The Model IP-2 Instapulser, a battery-powered, pocket-sized, nanosecond pulse generator, provides a conven ient source of fast trigger pulses for all kinds of fast circuit testing. Used with high speed amplifiers, discrimina tors, logic circuits, oscilloscopes, etc., it affords a ready source of pulses of known, stable characteristics. Ex tremely low current drain from the self-contained mercury battery eliminates any need for an On-Off switch. All circuit components are sealed in epoxy resin for maximum ruggedness and reliability. The output is direct -coupled and reverse-terminated ­p; drives any load of any impedance, through a cable or directly, cleanly and without reflections. In addition, the output is protected against incoming transients up to 100 V. The Instapulser is a simple, inexpensive item of test equipment whose convenience and usefulness are far out of proportion to its small size.

Model 4001 ECL Logic Probe

The Model 4001, an active scope probe, has been designed for convenient monitoring of complementary ECL signals. The 1.5 m long 100 W twisted-pair input cable is equipped with a female bipolar connector which matches standard single twisted-pair connectors as well as multipin connectors for the flat cables of the LeCroy ECLine Series of CAMAC modules.

The differential input stage has a common mode range of more than 10 V when operated with a -15 V power supply. The complementary input signal is translated into a negative single-ended logic signal which can be viewed on an oscilloscope via a BNC female output connector.

Model 4003 CAMAC Extender

The Model 4003 CAMAC extender is a convenient tool for any laboratory doing CAMAC service, diagnostic or development work. The extender allows a module to be operated in an exposed position in front of a CAMAC slot. Extenders can be placed side by side for multiple width modules. The 4003 provides top and bottom rails to support the mounted unit.

Model 4501A NIM-to-CAMAC Adaptor

The 4501A NIM-to-CAMAC adapter provides the proper mechanical alignment, connector support, and power wiring to convert modules designed to the NIM Standard for compatibility with any CAMAC mainframe. On-board regulators are available to provide ±12 V power required by most NIM modules. Complete with a handle-like slot, it can be easily plugged into a CAMAC crate, allowing a NIM module to then be installed.


Model IP-2

9 cm.

Diameter: 2 cm.

Weight: 65 grams.

Pulse Duration: Approximately 5 nsec.

Pulse Amplitude: 2.5 V into open circuit or into 50 ohm load.

Output Impedance: 50 ohm, ±5%.

Output Protection: ±3 V DC and ±100 V transient.

Output Rise Time: Approximately 2 nsec.

Battery: Available from LeCroy as Part Number 312310001 or from your local parts distributor as a Mercury 6.75 Volt Battery (Mallory TR-115R or equivalent).

Battery Life: 1 year.

Repetition Rate: Approximately 10 kHz.

Output Coupling: Direct.

Output DC Level: 0.00 V DC.

Output Connector: Lemo female.

Model 4001

Input Impedance:
100 ohm, DC-coupled.

Common Mode: -0.5 V to 10 V at -15 V supply.

Maximum Differential Input Voltage: 5 V.

Input Frequency: DC to > 150 MHz.

Differential Sensitivity: 2 mV typical.

Output Swing: Typically -0.3 V into 50 ohm or -0.6 V into high impedance with a -15 V supply for ECL signals.

Rise/Fall Time: < 2 nsec for input signals with T r and Tf < 10 nsec.

Output Connector: BNC female.

Power Supply: Typically 15 mA at -15 V compatible with oscilloscope probe supply.

Model 4003

Inputs and Outputs:
Connects all CAMAC dataway signals to the mounted unit.

Power: CAMAC power lines are protected with 3 A fuses.

Model 4501A

Power: 3 A at ±6 V, ±12 V unfused; ±24 V unfused.

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