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MHV100 High Voltage Controller/Generator IC




This custom CMOS integrated circuit integrates all digital communications, D to A and A to D converters, the analog feedback loop and output drivers required to implement a single high voltage converter channel.

Designed for use in distributed high voltage systems or for low cost single channel high voltage. The output voltage range is determined by the external components.

External components required include the power switching transistors (FETs), transformer (if required), voltage multiplier circuits and high voltage feedback divider. External passive components (capacitors) are required for the DAC filters.

This new device is in the prototype evaluation stage.

Performance specifications are to be determined.



This new LeCroy integrated circuit implements a programmable power supply designed to run both a PWM and push-pull topology. There is also an on-board ADC, auxiliary 8-bit DAC, and 2 internal op amps for the designer's use.

Other features include a set of 4 high-speed comparators for implementing overload protection circuitry for the power supply. There is a 4.3 V reference that is stable to 50 ppm/░C for -35░ to 50░C. There is also an on-board temperature sensor which can be read by the ADC.


- Pulse width modulated
- Push-pull square wave drive with a linear output to drive a series regulator. Push-pull duty cycle selectable as either 25% or 50% (non-overlapping)
set/read configuration/status register
enable/disable high voltage
set/read high voltage DAC
read actual high voltage
read actual output current
read chip temperature
set/read external DAC
read external analog input
enable/set/read over current limit register
enable/set/read over voltage limit register

MHV100 Pin Assignments


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