Consulting Services

Using our decades of knowledge and experience of Bluetooth, markets and products we’ll help you deliver products which are free of defects, minimize field issues, lower development costs and reduce time to market

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Using our knowledge from test tool development, interoperability device behavior and Bluetooth specifications, we determine and document faults so that you are only correcting bugs in your product

Performance Analysis

We provide deep analysis of device features and capabilities in order to provide efficiency gains, improve user experience, and avoid failure traps

Test to Fail

Using our experience of use cases and scenarios to drill down into your product’s performance, capturing as many issues as possible during the early stages of development where it is easiest to make software changes

Competitor Benchmarking

We perform comparison testing against competitor products to analyze and identify differences, improve the performance of your products and stay competitive in customer surveys; then we work with you to implement changes based on findings and help create robust and detailed supplier specifications and RFPs

Device Characterization

An in-depth analysis of a device’s functionality and performance to provide characterization helps improve next generation products, identify areas of improvement, and create an assessment of approach

Field Issues

Using our expertise and large inventory library, we reproduce issues in the field and find the fault in either your product or the interop device, then perform regression testing to make sure fixes work and don’t cause unforeseen problems


Customized training, from basic to advanced technology courses, is available to help internal departments improve technology knowledge, OTA log taking and identify issues more consistently and rapidly