Interoperability Testing Services

Using our decades of knowledge and experience of Bluetooth, markets and products we’ll help you deliver products which are free of defects, minimize field issues, lower development costs and reduce time to market

Test Strategy Approach

We help you create a test strategy that includes market assessments, the selection of device test lists of up to hundreds of devices, and an in-depth initial IOP designed to find as many issues as possible at the early development stage

Test Plan Development

Intelligent development of test plans and strategy based on years of experience of devices to ensure that the testing is cost effective and efficient for a given market

Test Scenarios

Test scenarios are either custom designed or selected from our library of thousands of test cases to provide assessments of device features, use case scenarios, and your test cases

Root Cause Analysis

RCA is a key area that sets Frontline Test Services apart from other test houses. We offer more than just pass/fail test results; we have Subject Matter Experts who will help you close bugs and improve your customer’s user experience

Bug Discovery and Recording

Using our experience with use case scenarios, we drill down into a product’s performance to discover issues earlier in development cycle when they are easier and more cost-effective to fix

Pre-launch IOP Testing

We perform in-depth feature and functionality testing to ensure basic interoperability, followed by prelaunch, Start-of-Production (SOP) testing, to give a high level of confidence before product launch in a particular region

Regression Testing

We test to verify that software updates and feature additions do not compromise IOP in the field

Field Issues

Using our large inventory library, we can reproduce issues in the field, find the fault and test that any applied product updates not only fix the issues, but do not cause other issues

Maintenance/Website Results

We perform Interoperability testing to increase market coverage of interoperability devices, test for the launch of new devices and device software or OS updates. These results can be used for a compatibility matrix on your website or that we can create for you