T3AWG6K Series – 2, 4 and 8 Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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Key Features

Multifunctional Generator

Key Features

  • 2, 4 and 8 channel configurations
  • 16-bit vertical resolution
  • Sample Rate up to 12,32 GS/s with RF mode
  • 16-bit vertical resolution.
  • 4 GSample waveform memory per channel
  • Up to 5 Vpp Output Voltage and ±2.5 V Baseline Offset (into 50?)

Multifunctional Generator

Arbitrary Function Generator
T3AWG6k Arbitrary Function Generator
  • Improved Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology
  • 16 bits vertical resolution
  • Built-in waveforms include sine, square, pulse, ramp, sin(x)/x noise, DC, gaussian, lorentz, exponential rise, exponential decay, haversine, double pulse, arbitrary (2 to 16KSample)
  • Run mode includes continuous, sweep, burst and modulation (AM, FM, PM, FSK, PSK and PWM)
Arbitrary Waveform Generator
T3AWG6k Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Variable Clock True-Arbitrary Technology
  • Variable clock up to 6.16 GS/s (12.32 GS/s in RF mode)
  • Waveform length 4GPts @ch
  • Up to 16,384 waveform entries in the sequencer, repeat counter up to 4G or infinite, minimum waveform length 16 pts
  • Run mode includes continuous, triggered, single/burst, stepped and advanced
Digital Pattern Generator
T3AWG6k Digital Pattern Generator
  • Up to 32 digital channels synchronous with analog channels
  • LVTTL digital output
  • 16 x SMA (LVDS) outputs
Digital I/Q modulator (RF mode)
  • 16 bits I/Q components
  • Single carrier (2 I/Q comp) or double carrier (4 I/Q comp)
  • Variable clock up to 12.32 GS/s)


T3AWG6K Series Datasheet

T3AWG6K Series Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet
T3AWG6K Series Simple TrueArb Manual

Product Manual
T3AWG6K Series Simple AFG Manual

Product Manual

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model Description

8 Digital Output Channels for 2 CH, 4 CH and 8 CH T3AWG6K models (require 1 x Mini-SAS cable)


16 Digital Output Channels for 4 CH and 8 CH T3AWG6K models (require 2 x Mini-SAS cables)


32 Digital Output Channels for 8 CH T3AWG6K model (require 4 x Mini-SAS cables)