Unmatched Logic Analysis

Plug in a high performance logic analyzer to your oscilloscope for enhanced visibility during mixed signal analysis. The HDA125 High-Speed Digital Analyzer supplies 12.5 GS/s sample rate and up to 18 leads in a small modular form factor.

imageof HDA125 High-Speed Digital Analyzer

Upgrade An Oscilloscope

Competing high performance oscilloscopes don't offer mixed signal analysis or require a predetermined scope model called an MSO to be purchased. The HDA125 offers superior acquisition performance with the added benefits of mobility between existing oscilloscopes.

image of HDA125 analyzer added to oscilloscope

The HDA125 can be added to any Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscope with an LBUS or SYNC connector – including the WaveMaster/SDA 8 Zi-B and LabMaster 10Zi-A.

image of screenshot using hda125

This screenshot shows a 6 Gb/s signal captured in both digital and analog domains. The HDA125 samples at 12.5 GS/s, for 80ps timing accuracy to capture the fastest signals.

Probing Versatility

The QuickLink probe tip system is compatible with the HDA125 and WaveLink series differential analog probes. This cross-connection ability allows you to equip your system under test with QuickLink tips at all desired test points, and swap connections between digital and analog acquisition systems as needed. Ultra low tip impedance (110 kΩ, 0.12pF differential) ensures superior signal fidelity by minimizing loading effects that commonly degrade the signals slew rate.

image hda125 probing diagram

QuickLink tips provide 8 GHz of bandwidth and a flat, well-controlled frequency response. When used for digital acquisitions with the HDA125, they support 3 GHz bandwidth with industry-leading sensitivity. In both cases, high input impedance ensures minimal loading of the system under test.

image quicklink solder-in tips

QuickLink solder-in tips are low-cost, making it easy to equip multiple test points and DUTs, and eliminating time-consuming re-soldering of connectors. The integral 9-inch lead effectively relocates your test point to a more convenient location, and makes testing more reliable by eliminating torque and other forces on the solder joints.

Highest Accuracy DDR debugging

The HDA125 provides the best-in-class analysis of LPDDR/DDR signals. By analyzing the command bus you can separate read/write signals more accurately then traditional phase separation algorithms. A must have tool for anyone integrating memory.

screenshot command bus signals

Capture, analyze and visualize the command bus signals with confidence. Testing requires deep insight and the ability to capture the DDR command bus and measure it starts by using the HDA125.

screenshot bus activity

The HDA125 enables the unique “bus view” feature of the DDR Debug software option, which brings Teledyne LeCroy’s advanced bus analysis feature set to bear on DDR analysis. View bus activity in tabular form, and move time-correlated views to a desired event with the touch of a button. Search for specific events and bus states within the acquired record. Intuitive color overlays and annotations make it easy to identify areas of interest in the acquired analog waveforms.

screenshot trigger on ddr commands

The ability to trigger on specific states of the command bus becomes an invaluable tool for quick understanding of DDR signal quality. The HDA125's logic triggering combines with the DDR Debug toolkit's intuitive setup and intelligent software cross-triggering to provide the ultimate DDR triggering system. Persistence maps of read and write bursts provide an easy and fast means of identifying subtle signal-quality problems for further investigation.