Automated Testing and Interoperability

Thorough automated testing can include thousands of repeated test cases to check for overall product stability, interoperability in a crowded ecosystem, niche failures, accelerated life and performance limits.

SmartTest Automated Testing Services

SmartTest offers hundreds of test blocks – collections of actions that can be combined in multiple ways to create thousands of sequences to test:

  • • Connection and disconnection
  • • Bluetooth pairing and unpairing
  • • Phone calls
  • • Phonebook
  • • Audio and more

Your test results are logged in our cloud based, secure database, where you access all test results, a library of essential reports, and supporting data in the form of protocol trace files, log files, and video captures. Added to this, our subject matter experts will provide a detailed explanation as to the causes of any faults or issues.


Our SmartTest automation testing services are a key component to developing: Infotainment Systems, Audio Equipment, Medical Devices, Smart Home Devices, IoT Products, Development kits, Android and Apple phones, Mobile Phone apps, plus more.

Case Study: Improve Bluetooth Connection Time

SmartTest Features - Robot Arm, Phone Control, Computer Vision, Audio Control, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Data Analytics

The SmartTest automation testing system consists of multiple components working in harmony to provide a complete solution for your testing goals. These components include:

  • Robot Arm for replication of human interactions such as press, swipe, open and close
  • Phone Control for integration and control of mobile devices
  • Computer Vision for recording, object detection and OCR
  • Audio Control for simulation and recording of voice and audio functionality
  • AI for machine learning and fault recognition and recovery
  • Data Analytics for logging, analysis and reporting of results
  • Scripting for management and control of software and hardware devices

Key Benefits

Speed and Scalability

Quickly scale the number of tests and boost coverage to accelerate delivery times, and use multiple set ups to perform regression testing for multiple products concurrently.

Repeatability and Consistency

True repeatable testing opens up the possibility for collection of accurate and meaningful data, such as failure rates, that is open to statistical analysis.

Test Coverage and Complex Scenarios

Test the thousands of permutations created by a fragmented mobile ecosystem of devices, generations and operating systems.

Investigation and Fault Finding

Uncover intermittent issues or determine the complex sequence of events required to reproduce an issue allowing fault finding, bug fixing and verification of any fixes. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) done by our Subject Matter Experts (SME).

Robustness and Reliability

Create a significantly more robust product, increase reliability, and reduce customer support traffic with accelerated life testing, high permutation testing and randomized human interactions and variations.

Product Testing

Thorough testing is critical to creating outstanding products.

Benchmark your product performance
Ensure greater test coverage
Test complex scenarios
Verify robustness
Collect statistical data
Fault Resolution by Subject Matter Experts
Thorough Testing is Critical to Creating Outstanding Products

Interoperability Testing with World-Class Device Library

In order to subject these devices to the thorough testing needed to ensure interoperability and consistent operation in a complex ecosystem, we introduce the very same kinds of devices into the test setup.

Frontline Test Services houses one of the largest test device libraries in the industry, consisting of thousands of phones, Wi-Fi devices, wearables, car kits, speakers, soundbars, headsets, smart watches, and various other Bluetooth® low energy devices.

The latest devices are being added all the time and cover global markets (North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia). Because testing and support for new operating systems is critical to interoperability testing, new OS results for major iOS and Android versions are ready for you to publish within three business days of release.

Frontline Test Services test device library

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