Validation Testing Services

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The heart of testing is in validating a product’s overall performance and capabilities. Austin Labs can work with customer test plans to provide additional testing resources or create and deliver test plans for feature and specification validation. We work very closely with our customer to define the needs and can provide a full customized solution that includes, but not limited to data integrity, stress, performance analysis, protocol analysis, error injection/recovery, and software solutions.

How Does External Validation Work?

Create Test Plan

Jointly develop a test plan to meet your needs. Sample test plans are available

Define Testing Scope

Agree on a scope of work that needs to be covered in testing

Device Testing

Austin Labs begins testing

Preliminary Reporting

Issues are reported with complete details for reproduction and trace capture and analysis provided

Review and Adjust

Interaction between customer and lab to determine next best steps

Regression Testing

Issues regression happens throughout testing through updates

Final Reporting

Test results compiled and built into a final report

Why Third-Party Validation?

  • Third-party validation provides a defined solution with known expenses
  • Doing more with less means having to find new ways to test
  • Independent labs provide access to a wide range of equipment
  • Delivery schedules are always shortened – beat the market with a partner
  • It is beneficial to have someone external to the project test with a new view

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