High Definition Oscilloscopes (HDOs) provide more resolution and accuracy than any other oscilloscope for high confidence power integrity validation and debug

  • 12 bits all the time from 200 MHz to 8 GHz
  • Low noise, 0.5% gain accuracy
  • High native offset
  • Power rail probes and specialized software

Power Integrity Powerhouse

  • 12 bits, up to 5 Gpts and 8 GHz
  • +/-1.6 V offset at 1 mV/div
  • Low noise + 0.5% gain
  • Detailed PDN spectral characterization

Multi-rail Analysis

  • 12 bits, up to 5 Gpts and 2 GHz
  • 8 analog channels, 16 with OscilloSYNC™, + 16 digital
  • Low noise + 0.5% gain accuracy
  • Capture and correlate multi-rail behaviors over long times

Power Integrity on a Budget

  • 12 bits, up to 25 Mpts and 1 GHz
  • Prices starting at $7490
  • Low noise + 0.5% gain accuracy
  • Built-in FFT
  • Comprehensive probe support



WavePro HD: Power Integrity Powerhouse

WavePro HD is ideal for the most sensitive and high-speed power integrity validation and debug

Explore WavePro HD
power house image

Sensitive rail-collapse measurements

12-bit resolution all the time plus 0.5% gain accuracy ensures unmatched precision for sensitive measurements, such as rail collapse characterization. Long memory up to 5 Gpts/ch permits extremely long acquisitions for complex cause-effect analysis.

WavePro HD performs best when combined with the Active Voltage Rail Probes but it can even help you get the most out of 10x passive probes.

Accurate ground-bounce and on-die measurements

Up to 8 GHz bandwidth at 20 GS/s means accurate characterization of high-speed on-die effects such as ground bounce, while exceptionally low noise enables identification and root-cause analysis of low-level noise sources.

Don't Let Ground Bounce Ruin Your Day, Dr. Eric Bogatin explains how to avoid it in this on-demand webinar.

Detailed PDN spectral characterization

WavePro HD's low noise floor at full 8 GHz bandwidth allows extremely detailed spectral analysis of the PDN noise environment. The 20 GS/s sampling rate results in a generous spectral span. Spectral analysis on 250 Mpt waveforms provides the highest resolution bandwidth possible.

Learn real-time spectral analysis of power rails from Dr. Eric Bogatin in this on-demand webinar.


WaveRunner 8000HD: Multi-rail Analysis

WaveRunner 8000HD has the most analog and digital channels of any 2 GHz oscilloscope, for complex multi-rail analysis

Explore WaveRunner 8000HD

Accurate PDN measurements

Make sensitive measurements, like rail collapse characterization, with complete confidence thanks to WaveRunner 8000HD’s high dynamic range and 0.5% gain accuracy. Its HD4096 architecture means an exceptionally low noise floor for easily pinpointing noise sources.

Watch how WaveRunner 8000HD excels at making PDN measurements, or read about analyzing power rail transient response with 12-bit HDOs.

Full power sequence captures

8 analog channels with 12-bit resolution and high offset capability give full visibility into power sequencing behavior, with 16 digital inputs available to decode and trigger on SPMI, SMbus, PMbus and other power management interfaces.

Get up to 5 Gpts/ch of acquisition memory to capture every detail.

Learn more in our on-demand webinar, Power Integrity of Multi-rail Embedded Designs.

More channels, more flexibility

Get 16 analog channels on one oscilloscope display with OscilloSYNC™. Watch how easy it is to set up OscilloSYNC

Combine WaveRunner 8000HD with the Active Voltage Rail Probes for unsurpassed insight into PDN behavior.

Watch Dr. Eric Bogatin explain the secrets to successful power rail measurements in this on-demand webinar.


WaveSurfer 4000HD: Power Integrity on a Budget

Priced to fit any budget, WaveSurfer 4000HD has more capabilities than you imagine for analyzing power rails, power sequencing, and power management protocols.

Explore WaveSurfer 4000HD

Most accurate measurements

12-bit resolution and low noise clearly shows small signal details in power rails. 0.5% gain accuracy lets you make sensitive measurements, like rail collapse characterization, with total confidence.

Dr. Eric Bogatin explains how to make SI/PI Measurements on a Budget in this on-demand webinar.

Spectral analysis

Built-in FFT function or (optional) Spectrum Analyzer determines root cause of high noise events.

Learn real-time spectral analysis of power rails from Dr. Eric Bogatin in this on-demand webinar.

Native probing

High offset capability of 1.6 V at 1 mV/div permits native probing of power rails and other wide dynamic range signals.

Read more about power rail probing options for use with high-definition oscilloscopes, or how to build your own low-cost power rail probe


Active Voltage Rail Probes

Active Voltage Rail Probes acquires low-voltage DC power rail signals and displays small rail voltage variations with high sensitivity, low noise, and low circuit loading.

Explore Active Voltage Rail Probes

Large offset range

+/-60 V offset permits the DC signal to be displayed in the vertical center of the oscilloscope grid even at high-sensitivity gain settings. It has a maximum +/-800 mV dynamic range.

Low attenuation and loading

Active Voltage Rail Probes has a nominal 1.2x attenuation for minimum noise. 50 kΩ impedance using the 50 Ω input effectively eliminates rail loading.

Assortment of tips and leads

A wide assortment of standard tips and leads makes it easy to connect to multiple probing points. Optional hand-held browser available.

Software for Power Integrity Analysis

Below are just a few of the software options available to turn your oscilloscope into a power integrity analyzer.



Easy setup of two Magnitude, Power or Power Density spectrums using spectrum analyzer-like controls.

View FFTs in linear- or logarithmic-scale. Apply non-linear "sniffer" probe correction factors.

Automatically mark peaks or observe waveforms over time with color persistence and 3D spectrograms.

Drag and drop display supports OneTouch.

Digital Power Management Analysis

Digital Power Management software translates complicated multi-phase PMIC, VRM, POL, LDO and other DC rail behaviors into per-cycle measurements for fast understanding of DC-DC converter power system behaviors.

Optimally used with the Active Voltage Rail Probes

Serial Data TDME for Power Management Protocols

Trigger on protocol errors, command codes, data patterns and more.

Decode packets into message fields and data. Color-coded overlay marks transitions on waveform.

Measure, extract and plot embedded data (serial DAC)

Eye diagram display.

Available for I2C, I3C, SMBus, PMBus SPMI and more.

HDO for Characterization Confidence

With high resolution and native high offset, 12-bit High Definition Oscilloscopes (HDOs) are the ideal high resolution oscilloscopes for power integrity applications.

Explore HDODownload

Lowest noise and highest precision

HDOs have 12-bit resolution all the time, with an exceptionally low noise floor due to an inherently low-noise architecture.

The 0.5% gain accuracy results in unmatched measurement precision at high sensitivities.

Get 200 MHz to 8 GHz bandwidths at full sample rates of up to 20 GS/s.

Long acquisition time

Up to 5 Gpts/ch lets you capture 500 ms at high sample rate to see both long term trends and transient events.

Navigating long acquisitions is fast and responsive whether using touchscreen or front panel controls.

Large offset range

HDO offset is ±1.6 V at 1 mV/div, ±4 V at 5 mV/div, allowing you to vertically center and view power rails at high sensitivities.

Use home-made coaxial probes or get the best possible result from passive probes.

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