High Resolution / High Definition Oscilloscopes

Compare HDOCompare HDO
12 Bits All The Time12 Bits All The Time
Low Noise, High PrecisionLow Noise, High Precision
HD4096 TechnologyHD4096 Technology
Teledyne LeCroy High Definition Oscilloscope (HDO) showing a 12-bit resolution EMC pulse acquisition

The Best High Resolution Oscilloscopes are 12 Bits All The Time

Teledyne LeCroy High Definition Oscilloscopes (HDO®) provide 12 bits of resolution all the time from 200 MHz up to 65 GHz. Once you use a Teledyne LeCroy HDO, you’ll never want to go back to using another oscilloscope.

  • No tradeoff of resolution, sample rate, or bandwidth
  • Clean, crisp waveforms
  • More signal details
  • Unmatched measurement precision

Compare Teledyne LeCroy High Definition Oscilloscopes (HDO)

High resolution oscilloscopes provide more resolution compared to a conventional 8-bit oscilloscope. A High Definition Oscilloscope (HDO) is Teledyne LeCroy’s class of oscilloscopes that provide 12-bit oscilloscope resolution all the time with no reduction of bandwidth or sample rate. Teledyne LeCroy HDOs are available from 200 MHz to 65 GHz, with 4 to 8 channels (or more, using OscilloSYNC®). Compare Teledyne LeCroy HDOs below:

Teledyne LeCroy High Definition Oscilloscope products, from 200 MHz to 65 GHz.
Bandwidth Range
Analog Channels
Sample Rate
Analysis Capability
Serial Data Tools
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WaveSurfer 4000HD
200 MHz – 1 GHz
12 bits
5 GS/s
25 Mpts
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350 MHz – 1 GHz
12 bits
250 Mpts
10 GS/s
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WaveRunner 8000HD
350 MHz - 2 GHz
12 bits
10 GS/s
5 Gpts
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WavePro HD
2.5 - 8 GHz
12 bits
20 GS/s
5 Gpts
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WaveMaster 8000HD
20 GHz - 65 GHz
12 bits
320 GS/s
8 Gpts
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Comparison of Teledyne LeCroy high resolution oscilloscope with competitive oscilloscopes that reduce performance to obtain high resolution

12-Bit Resolution All The Time, By Design

Teledyne LeCroy High Definition Oscilloscopes provide high resolution and low noise all the time. Other manufacturers use software post-processing with reduced bandwidth at higher resolution. Only Teledyne LeCroy provides 12 bits all the time.

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12 Bits for Lower Noise, Higher Measurement Precision

12-bit oscilloscope resolution capturing wide dynamic range and wide bandwidth signal with lower noise and higher precision

Teledyne LeCroy 12-bit Resolution HDO Provides Superior Results

Low noise and high resolution at full bandwidth is required to measure signals with wide dynamic range and wide bandwidth, such as the signal with zoom shown to the left.

  • A – Clean, crisp waveforms are captured on Teledyne LeCroy HDOs
  • B – More signal details are clearly visible and easy to distinguish
  • C – Unmatched measurement precision for improved debug and analysis
8-bit oscilloscope resolution capturing wide dynamic range and wide bandwidth signal – has more noise and worse measurement precision

8-bit Oscilloscope Resolution Provides Worse Results

An 8-bit resolution oscilloscope does a much worse job of capturing and displaying signals with high accuracy and precision compared to a Teledyne LeCroy 12-bit resolution HDO. 8-bit quantization levels are clearly visible in the zoomed area.

  • A – The unzoomed signal may look similar to the 12-bit capture, but thicker
  • B – Wide dynamic range signals won’t display signal details when zoomed
  • C – Quantization levels interfere with measurement precision at very low amplitudes
12-bit vs. 8-bit oscilloscope resolution quantization level comparison to analog signal reference

16x More Resolution Compared to 8-bit Oscilloscopes

Teledyne LeCroy 12-bit High Definition Oscilloscopes have 4096 discrete vertical levels to reduce the quantization error compared to the 256 vertical levels of an 8-bit oscilloscope.

  • Improves accuracy and measurement precision of the signal capture
  • Increases measurement confidence
Teledyne LeCroy HD4096 technology triad showing combination of high SNR input amplifiers, high sample rate 12-bit ADCs and a low noise system architecture

Teledyne LeCroy HD4096® Technology for Superior Results

Teledyne LeCroy’s HD4096 uses a systems design approach to achieve high resolution and the lowest possible noise at full oscilloscope bandwidth. The three pillars of HD4096 technology are:

  • High sample rate 12-bit ADCs
  • High signal-to-noise input amplifiers
  • Low noise system architecture
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Radar chart comparison between a high-resolution mode on an oscilloscope and a 12-bit resolution high definition oscilloscope

What is the Difference Between a High Resolution Oscilloscope and a High Definition Oscilloscope?

Some oscilloscopes use a high-resolution setting or high-resolution acquisition mode to improve resolution from 8 bits to 12 bits. Some oscilloscope manufacturers even claim 16 bits. What can you believe? Download the white paper or watch the two-part webinar to learn more.


Comparing High Resolution Oscilloscope Design Approaches

This white paper provides an overview of the various high resolution oscilloscope design approaches, with examples of their impact on oscilloscope performance and data on Teledyne LeCroy, Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz and Tektronix oscilloscope high resolution performance.

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High-resolution Oscilloscope Design Approaches (Two-part Series)

Oscilloscope manufacturers use a variety of design approaches to increase resolution, some of which impose other performance tradeoffs. Join Ken Johnson for this two-part webinar series to gain a better understanding of various manufacturer’s claims.

Digital Power Management and Power Rail Measurements Using High Definition Oscilloscopes

This webinar will provide attendees with an overview of digital power management, power-rail measurements, and power-rail sequencing, as well as accurate and reliable measurement solutions for PMIC-based control systems, including analysis of such systems under transient load conditions.

How to Use High Definition Oscilloscopes to Get Big Insight from Small Signals

Join Teledyne LeCroy to learn how to get the most from your high-resolution oscilloscope when measuring small signals.

HD4096 High Definition Technology
HDO Superior Noise Performance
HDO 12 Bits All The Time
HDO6000B vs. Tektronix 5 Series Oscilloscope

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