Capture Every Detail

  • 8 GHz, 20 GS/s, 5 Gpts
  • 12 bits all the time
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HD4096 High Definition Technology

HD4096 technology enables 12 bits of vertical resolution with 8 GHz bandwidth

  • Clean, Crisp Waveforms
  • More Signal Details
  • Unmatched Measurement Precision
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Longest Memory

Up to 5 Gpt of acquisition memory means exceptionally long capture times at full sample rate and resolution. Intuitive navigation tools make it easy to find events of interest and simplify analysis of long waveforms.

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Deep Toolbox

WavePro HD features the comprehensive toolset common to all Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes:

  • Measurements
  • Math functions
  • Analysis packages
  • Documentation

Today’s deeply-embedded electronic systems feature analog sensor inputs, highly sensitive Power Distribution Networks (PDNs), and High-speed CPUs and serial data interfaces. WavePro HD’s combination of High resolution and low noise, high analog bandwidth, very long capture times, and a complete software toolset makes it ideal for these key applications.

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power intergrity image
serial test image
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waveprohd oscilloscope
  • 1HD4096 technology provides 12-bit resolution up to 8 GHz and 20 GS/s
  • 2Up to 5 Gpts of acquisition memory enables detailed viewing of long events
  • 315.6” 1900 x 1080 Full HD capacitive touchscreen
  • 4ProBus2 input supports up to 8 GHz bandwidth while maintaining support for legacy ProBus probes
  • 5MAUI with OneTouch user interface for intuitive and efficient operation
  • 6Waveform Control Knobs – Control channel, zoom, math and memory traces with the multiplexed vertical and horizontal knobs
  • 7Color-coded panel indicators – Trigger, horizontal and vertical indicator colors correspond to the associated waveform on the display
  • 8Cursor/Adjust Knobs – Enable and position cursors or adjust settings and parameters without opening a menu
  • 9Mixed Signal Capability – Debug complex embedded designs with integrated 16-channel mixed signal capability
  • 10Easy connectivity with seven USB 3.1 ports (3 front, 4 side) and UHD (4k) HDMI and DisplayPort outputs



Long Memory, No Compromise

With up to 5 Gpts of acquisition memory, WavePro HD 12-bit oscilloscopes capture events occurring over long periods of time, while still maintaining high sample rate for visibility into the smallest details.

long memory image

Longest memory

WavePro HD oscilloscopes contain a sophisticated acquisition and memory management architecture that makes 5 Gpt acquisitions fast and responsive. More memory means more visibility into system behavior.

Simple navigation

Long memory and high sample rates capture both millisecond-scale trends and picosecond-scale glitches. WavePro HD oscilloscopes contain an advanced user interface that makes it easy to find features, navigate directly using timebase scale and position knobs, or set up zoom traces - whichever you prefer - and apply analysis.

No compromise

WavePro HD can acquire 250 ms of data at full 20 GS/s sample rate - and always with 12 bits of resolution. Oscilloscopes with less memory require trading off sample rate for acquisition time.

Deeply Embedded Computing Systems Testing

WavePro HD has unsurpassed capabilities to acquire the longest records at the highest resolution for the most comprehensive deeply embedded computing system (analog, digital, serial data and sensor) testing.

embedded systems image

Powerful, deep toolbox

More standard math, measure, pass/ fail and other toolsets provide faster and more complete insight into circuit problems. Many additional application packages are optionally available to enhance understanding.

Superior serial data toolsets

Comprehensive low-speed serial data triggers and decoders, plus measure/ graph and eye diagram testing provide the best causal analysis. Powerful serial data jitter analysis toolsets and compliance packages simplify complex validation.

Comprehensive probe offering

A wide selection of low voltage, high voltage and current probes will accurately measure every signal in your circuit. New 8 GHz ProBus2 interface is backwards-compatible to the 20+ year legacy of ProBus-compatible probes.

Power Integrity Debug and Validation

WavePro HD's combination of high bandwidth and high resolution provides the capability to validate and debug all aspects of power supply, delivery and consumption - ensuring complete confidence.

waveprohd power integrity image

On-die ground bounce

WavePro HD's high bandwidth means accurate characterization of high-speed on-die effects such as ground bounce, while its exceptionally low noise enables identification and root-cause analysis of low-level noise sources.

Find sources of PDN noise

Sensitive measurements such as rail collapse characterization can be made with complete confidence thanks to WavePro HD's high dynamic range and 0.5% gain accuracy. And its low noise floor enables extremely detailed spectral analysis of the PDN noise environment.

Specialized power probes

The combination of WavePro HD and the RP4030 4 GHz Power Rail Probe gives unsurpassed insight into PDN behavior over the widest available bandwidth. A variety of probe tips ensure easy connectivity.

Serial Data Jitter and Noise Analysis

WavePro HD 12-bit oscilloscopes bring the high signal fidelity of HD4096 technology to high-speed serial data analysis, enabling precise measurements with exceptionally low noise and jitter.

waveprohd serial data image

High precision, low jitter

WavePro HD's 12-bit resolution, exceptionally low noise and 60 fs timebase jitter mean a low jitter measurement floor, enabling the most accurate serial data jitter and noise measurements possible.

Serial data insight

SDAIII CompleteLinQ provides the most complete set of serial data analysis tools available. Measure and decompose jitter and noise, compare eye diagrams, and leverage unique visualization tools to track down issues.

Compliance made easy

User-friendly QualiPHY serial data compliance packages make validation easy for interfaces such as DDR memory, 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet, USB, and many more.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC/EMI)

WavePro HD 12-bit oscilloscopes' high sample rate and long memory combine with Teledyne LeCroy's dedicated EMC pulse parameter package to accurately characterize EMC test signals.

waveprodhd emc/emi image

Pulse measurement fidelity

Fast pulse rise times may require 2.5 to 4 GHz bandwidth at very high sample rates to ensure measurement confidence. WavePro HD provides the most accurate characterization using 20 GS/s sample rate, 12-bit resolution, and 0.5% gain accuracy.

Long capture time

WavePro HD combines high sample rate and exceptionally long memory to enable measurement of many fast transient packets in one acquisition, for fast and simple pulse train and transient testing.

EMC pulse parameter package

Customizable measurements provide values per specific EMC/ESD standards. Level selections can be made to ignore undershoot, overshoot or tail perturbations. Measurement filtering can limit measurement sets or ignore unwanted perturbations. (Optional)

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