Teledyne LeCroy's Trigger (T), Decode (D), Measure (M) or Graph (G), and Eye Diagram (E) and Physical Layer (P) options are the best of their kind.

  • Highest performance triggers
  • The most intuitive serial decoder
  • Measure and graph tools for validation efficiency
  • Eye diagrams and physical layer testing

Highest Performance Triggers

Designed by people who know the standards, with the unique capabilities you need to isolate unusual events.


Powerful, Flexible, Unique

  • Use digital (MSO) inputs, or EXT input for clock line
  • Highly adaptable error frame triggering
  • Unique - EEPROM trigger, transaction definitions, etc.

Conditional Data Setup

  • <, ≤, =, >, ≥, <>, inside/outside range data condition setup
  • Easily monitor for abnormal events
  • Isolate data in very long byte streams to specific bit locations

Support for Proprietary Protocols

  • Define "message frame" for proprietary standards
  • Isolate any byte value for ID or DATA triggering
  • Your internal standard can have a customized serial trigger

The Best Serial Decoder

Decoded protocol information is color-coded and transparently overlaid for an intuitive, easy-to-understand visual record with a single time-interleaved table with touch to zoom.


Intuitive, Color-coded Overlays

  • Color-coding for specific portions of protocol and message frame
  • Overlaid directly on waveform
  • Overlay automatically adjusts as acquisition length changes

Pattern Search

  • Search using a variety of criteria and values
  • Creates separate zoom trace of searched record
  • Displays searched record with context in full acquisition

Interactive Table Summarizes Results

  • Tabular display
  • Customizable – show only the information of interest
  • Touch a message to automatically zoom to it
  • Exportable

Measure and Graph Tools for Validation Efficiency

Automated timing measurements quickly validate cause and effect and serial data digital-to-analog (DAC) converter enhances understanding.


Automated Timing Measurements

  • Measure time between serial messages or serial messages and analog signals
  • Automated for efficiency
  • Ideal for gateway latency or I/O response measurements

Serial Data DAC and Graphing Tools

  • Time-correlated value vs. time waveforms
  • Extract data and convert it to a scaled analog value
  • Convert units to over 70 units of measure

Bus Status Measurements

  • Bus utilization and bit rate (clock) stability
  • Bus load % measurement
  • Number of messages in an acquisition
  • Message bit rate

Eye Diagrams and Physical Layer Testing

Rapidly display an eye diagram of low-speed serial data signals. Eye parameters quantify system performance, and eye masks identify anomalies.


Up to 4 Simultaneous Eye Diagrams

  • Apply filters to limit messages allowed in eye diagrams
  • Quickly correlate protocol and physical layer problems
  • Gain fast understanding of underlying bus signal quality

Eye Measurements and Masks

  • Measure eye height and width
  • Mask objectively evaluate signal intrusions into eye opening
  • Mask failures indicated with a red circle and displayed in a table

Advanced PHY Measurements

  • Additional, specialized, standard-specific capabilities
  • Especially useful for serial data standards with higher speed or nodal complexity (e.g., FlexRay, MIPI D-PHY)



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