DDR and LPDDR Memory Compliance Testing and Debug

Testing OverviewTesting Overview
Turn-On & ValidationTurn-On & Validation
Tuning & Pre-ComplianceTuning & Pre-Compliance
Compliance TestingCompliance Testing
WaveMaster 8000HD oscilloscope with HDA125 logic analyzer compliance testing and debugging DDR and LPDDR memories

Fastest Journey From DDR Turn-On Through DDR Compliance Testing

Accelerate the journey to final product with the right tools to quickly test every stage of Double Data Rate (DDR) and Low Power DDR (LPDDR) designs, from initial turn on through JEDEC compliance testing.

  • Maximize DDR operation from initial turn-on through validation
  • Accelerate DDR pre-compliance testing and fine tuning
  • Comprehensive DDR compliance testing

Maximizing DDR Operation From Initial Turn-on Through Validation

The right oscilloscope tools support DDR and LPDDR electrical validation, JEDEC compliance testing and debug through multiple stages of design. Teledyne LeCroy reduces bring-up time and helps you find commonly overlooked errors.

 WaveMaster 8000HD oscilloscope and Summit T516 analyzer connected to CrossSync PHY interposer for PCIe debugging
Teledyne LeCroy DDR Virtual Probing block diagram of de-embedding interposers and probe location
Teledyne LeCroy DDR eye diagram after removing mid-bus reflections and termination issues
Teledyne LeCroy Oscilloscopes showing DDR  Bus Decode and Trigger for the most DDR and LPDDR Command address signals

Establishing basic operation, signal checks and validating responses is foundational during board turn-ons. This means knowing if signals look correct, if the signals are communicating, if the command bus is operational, are voltage and timing settings in the right magnitude of error, do channels show both Read and Write packets. These early steps are critical and require simple, dedicated tools built just for this phase of memory design. This isn’t compliance, it’s more than that.

  • Do the signals out of the DRAM (Read) or Controller (Write) look correct?
  • Are initial voltage and timings details in the right locations?
  • Is the command bus communicating correctly?

Minimizing probe and interposer impacts on your design is critical to maximize DDR signal quality into your oscilloscope. Teledyne LeCroy DH Series Probes are low-noise & low loading active probes with solder-in tips and QuickLink adapters. An interposer can further enhance signal quality by locating the test point close to the ball of the DRAM. Then, the probe and interposer combination can be de-embedded with Virtual Probe.

JEDEC requires DDR measurements be performed at the ball of the DRAM (the BGA), or test location #1 in the image. If your probe location is currently at #2 (interposer) or #3 (mid-bus or at a VIA) the probe location can be moved virtually before beginning DDR validation or measurements.

  • De-embedding .2SP, .3SP and .6SP S-parameter files accounts for T-points with interposers and risers.
  • Virtual Probing can move the probe point to the memory controller to analyze stressed Read packets.
  • Remove issues caused by mid-bus probe locations

Probing setup errors, such as reflections, can be confused with DDR design quality. Teledyne LeCroy’s Virtual Probe @ Receiver can be used to eliminate reflections and give you a better picture of your actual DDR design performance.

  • Remove termination problems with Virtual Probe at the receiver (VP@RCVR).

Teledyne LeCroy's HDA125 Logic Analyzer probes DDR command addresses digitally and conserves analog oscilloscope channels for other signals. DDR protocol decode and trigger can be used on these digitally probed signals to isolate DDR activities and data signals for faster debug. The HDA125 Logic Analyzer supports the highest 8400 MT/s DDR5 CMD address lines for decode and triggering.

  • Industries only Decode & Trigger up to DDR5
  • Decode JEDEC's Command Truth Table
  • Perform better R/W separation, the command bus knows the packet locations
  • Overlay R/W Visuals on Channels

Accelerate DDR Pre-Compliance Testing and Fine Tuning

DDR memory operation stability is optimized when voltages, timing and packet parameters are adjusted to their fullest potential in your design. Teledyne LeCroy’s DDR Debug Toolkits help you better understand DDR operation and improve your DDR testing.

Teledyne LeCroy DDR Pre-compliance optimization progress testing
Teledyne LeCroy DDR LPDDR Toolkit has Multiple Scenario Views

Multiple Scenario Viewing

  • Layout 4 unique testing situations
  • Before vs. after signal comparisons
  • De-Embedding vs. Original
  • Read and Write Strobe-Clock Compares
  • Measurement Comparisons
Teledyne LeCroy DDR LPDDR Eye Diagram and Mask Passes Testing

Eye Diagram, Mask Testing & JEDEC Specific Measurements

  • Interactive user Toolkit
  • Eye Diagram & Mask Testing
  • JEDEC or custom masks
  • “Failures” on mask analysis
  • DDR Specific Measurements
Teledyne LeCroy DDR LPDDR offers highest Read Write packet separation using the command address

Highest R/W Accuracy

  • Decode the command address
  • Know exactly where R & W occur
  • Upgradable external logic analyzer
  • Lowest capacitance loading
    (6x lower than competitors)
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Comprehensive DDR Compliance Testing

Automated DDR compliance testing enables faster test times by reducing inconsistencies, testing to the JEDEC standard and quick stopping for root-causing failures through the DDR Debug Toolkit.

WaveMaster 8000HD oscilloscope performing DDR5 compliance testing and debug
Teledyne LeCroy QPHY Setup menu for DDR4 DDR5 Compliance Testing

Reduce Inconsistencies

  • Same setup, every time
  • Save & recall configurations
  • Connection diagrams
  • Analyze failures in Debug Toolkit
DDR DIMM being inserted into a motherboard slot for for JEDEC DDR Compliance Testing

The Latest JEDEC Requirements

Full automation coverage of JEDEC.

  • Fast automated test coverage
  • Complete testing at DRAM BGA
  • Measure CLK, DQS, DQ, CA signals
Teledyne LeCroy QualiPHY (QPHY) compliance test saved PDF reports for DDR LPDDR compliance testing

Save Reports

Quickly save your work at all stages of your testing and design journey.

  • Pass or fail measurement results
  • Save HTML or PDF reports
  • Screen images with annotations

Download the Latest Teledyne LeCroy DDR Testing Software

Stay up to date with the latest DDR compliance and debug testing features and capabilities for MAUI oscilloscope software and QPHY compliance test software upgrades.

September 2023 Updates and Additions

  • Easier UI Work-flow improvements for DDR Toolkit
  • New CMD Bus and Decode tab
  • New Protocol/Mask Selection, Autoset, R/W Separation
  • Added LPDDR4X Support & Mask Testing
  • Added WavePro HD support for LPDDR4/4X Debug Toolkit
  • Added QualiPHY Compliance Testing for LPDDR4X
  • Added QualiPHY DDR5 BETA Testing
Teledyne LeCroy DDR Debug Toolkit user interface showing workflow for CMD Bus and Decode

Recommended Oscilloscope and Probe DDR Test Equipment

Reference the tabs and links below to learn more about the Teledyne LeCroy products for DDR testing and partners for interposers or testing services.


Document Name
DDR5 Datasheet

QualiPHY DDR5 System Level Preliminary Datasheet is currently available on the Light House Partners page. Users interested in Beta testing can sign up, get approved and start testing.

Explore More

QualiPHY (QPHY-DDR4) Datasheet outlines testing capabilities, ordering information and more for engineers interested in memory design.

DDR3/DDR3L/LPDDR3 Datasheet

QualiPHY (QPHY-DDR3) Datasheet outlines testing capabilities, ordering information and more for engineers interested in memory design.

DDR & LPDDR Debugging Toolkit Datasheet

DDR Debug supported all stages of design for DDR 2/3/4/5 and LPDDR2/3/4/4X and allows for deep troubleshooting.

DDR2 Datasheet

QualiPHY (QPHY-DDR2) Datasheet outlines testing capabilities, ordering information and more for engineers interested in memory design.

LPDDR2 Datasheet

QualiPHY (QPHY-LPDDR2) Datasheet outlines testing capabilities, ordering information and more for engineers interested in memory design.

DDR5 Memory Test and Read-Write Separation

Become and Expert in DDR Memory Physical Layer Testing for DDR Debug, Compliance and Validation

Join Teledyne LeCroy for this masterclass webinar series to learn about the basics of DDR testing with oscilloscopes, including common test preparation and challenges, the difference between compliance and debug test tools, and practical tips and techniques to increase your DDR validation efficiency and apply the correct debug tools.

Register for all
Part 1 Fundamentals of DDR Memory Physical Layer Testing

In this session, we will provide an overview of DDR interfaces and test challenges. Special attention will be paid to the differences between validation and compliance test requirements, and probing for optimum effectiveness.

Part 2 Beyond DDR Compliance Testing — Using Advanced Debug Tools

In this session we review the latest DDR test requirements and provide practical advice on solving test challenges. We will provide guidance on how to test to the latest JEDEC standards and proper use of debug tools to overcome test and validation challenges.

Part 3 Top Tips and Techniques for Better DDR Probing and Testing

In this session we get specific on how to address real-world probing and connectivity issues that impact DDR3/LPDDR3 and DDR4/LPDDR4 measurement capabilities. We will provide examples of what to do or not do and a pre-compliance test checklist will be reviewed.

Part 4 DDR Debug Scenarios and Virtual Probing

In this session we demonstrate the utility of DDR eye patterns required for testing and debugging DDR3/LPDDR3 and higher speed DDR4/LPDDR4 signals using real-world DDR debug examples and specialized connectivity examples.

DDR4/LPDDR4/LPDDR4X Instruction Manual

QualiPHY (QPHY-DDR4) Instruction Manual for step-by-step instruction on how to operate and test the DDR4, LPDDR4, LPDDR4X DRAM standards.

DDR3/DDR3L/LPDDR3 Instruction Manual

QualiPHY (QPHY-DDR3) Instruction Manual for step-by-step instruction on how to operate and test the DDR3, DDR3L, LPDDR3 DRAM standards.

DDR & LPDDR Debugging Toolkit Instruction Manual

DDR Debug supported all DDR 2/3/4/5 and LPDDR2/3/4/4X/5 and allows for troubleshooting tough problems. This manual helps you use the tool to it’s full potential

DDR2 Instruction Manual

QualiPHY (QPHY-DDR2) Instruction Manual for step-by-step instruction on how to operate and test the DDR2 DRAM standard.

LPDDR2 Instruction Manual

QualiPHY (QPHY-LPDDR2) Instruction Manual for step-by-step instruction on how to operate and test the LPDDR2 DRAM standard.