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DDR5 is the newest memory technology used for Enterprise, Personal Computing, AI, and ML systems. Offering faster test speeds up to 8400 MT/s, lower voltage down to 1.1 Volts and higher storage capacities. Setting the precedent for new techniques for electrical debugging, validation and compliance testing. Teledyne LeCroy provides QPHY-DDR5-SYS automated compliance testing with Pass/Fail reports for the users interested in testing the System Level (typically an interposer at the DRAM BGA).

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Key Features
  • DDR5 test coverage as described by JEDEC JESD79-5B
  • Test DDR5 up to 8400 MT/s
  • Measure DQ, DQS, CK, CA signals
  • Automated Compliance increases reliability
  • External MSO (HDA125) improves R/W packet separation accuracy
  • Save Pass/Fail PDF reports with annotated screenshots
  • Analyze compliance failures in a dedicated Debug Toolkit
  • Included in DDR5 Software Bundle


DDR5 Software Bundle

The best tools cover all stages of design, from early turn-on through compliance. This means planning for the future, it might be testing DDR3 to DDR4 or upgrading to DDR5 designs. The DDR5 Bundle includes all the best tools (DDR Debug Toolkit + QualiPHY) across all generations, in a single purchasable software bundle.


QualiPHY is designed to reduce the time, effort, and specialized knowledge needed to perform compliance testing on high-speed serial buses.

  • Guides the user through each test setup
  • Performs each measurement in accordance with the relevant test procedure
  • Compares each measured value with the applicable specification limits
  • Fully documents all results in a saved PDF with measurement annotations
  • QualiPHY helps the user perform testing the right way—every time!
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