Detects and captures more anomalies per second.

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TriggerScan uses high-speed hardware triggering capability with persistence displays to capture only the signals of interest and provide answers up to 100X faster than other methods. Traditional fast display update modes work best on frequent events occurring on slow edge rates while TriggerScan excels in finding infrequent events on fast edge rates.

Since hardware triggering is used to capture only the elusive events, TriggerScan is more effective at finding anomalies quickly compared to simple display technologies.

A built-in automated Trigger Trainer analyzes the waveforms, identifies normal behavior, and then sets up a large set of rare event smart trigger setups that target abnormal behavior. The trainer ‘learns’ trigger setups to identify faulty operation based on slew rates, periods, amplitudes outside of a range and then applies them sequentially. It then rapidly sequences through each individual trigger with a user-defined dwell time, and captures and displays any anomalous signals that meet the trigger conditions.

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