LabNotebook makes documentation simple by saving all displayed waveforms, the oscilloscope setup file, and a screen image with a single button press.

WaveScan - WaveScan
TriggerScan - TriggerScan
LabNotebook - LabNotebook
WaveStream - WaveStream
X-Stream II - X-Stream II
Key Features
  • Complete documentation with a single button press
  • Each LabNotebook contains:
    • All waveforms (channels, math, zoom, etc.)
    • Setup file
    • Annotated screen image
  • Convenient Report Generation
  • Easily Annotate Areas of Interest
  • Flashback to Easily Recreate Experiments
  • Seamlessly Collaborate with Colleagues
  • Standard on all MAUI oscilloscopes


The Ideal Documentation Tool

LabNotebook saves everything that you need with a single button press. Each LabNotebook contains all displayed waveforms, the oscilloscope setup file, and an annotated screen image. Saving a LabNotebook is as simple as saving a waveform and does not require navigation of multiple menus to save each individual element. LabNotebook guarantees that everything you would possible need has been saved for complete documentation.

Convenient Report Generation

Document your work by quickly creating a report which captures the screen image and all of the important acquisition settings. A report can be generated from a LabNotebook file or directly from the current oscilloscope setup. Reports can be created as a PDF, HTML, or RTF and can be customized to include your company logo.

Flashback to Easily Recreate Experiments

A LabNotebook can be recalled to restore the oscilloscope to exactly how it was when the LabNotebook was saved. All the data is as if it were just acquired so a new acquisition can be made using the same setup as the previous experiment or measurements can be added or modified to re-analyze existing data.

Easily Annotate Areas of Interest

When saving a LabNotebook the screen image can be annotated with text or using the “scribble” drawing tool to document important notes and highlight areas of interest. Additionally, a description can be entered to include details about test setup.

Seamlessly Collaborate with Colleagues

LabNotebook files are easy to share in order easily collaborate with colleagues around the world. A single file can be sent to colleague and recalled on their oscilloscope so that they can easily see what you are seeing.

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