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WaveStream provides a vibrant, intensity graded (256 levels) display with a fast update rate to closely simulate the look and feel of an analog oscilloscope. WaveStream is most helpful in viewing signals that have signal jitter or signal anomalies, or for applying a visual check before creating an advanced trigger or WaveScan setup to locate an unusual event.

Since the sampling rate in WaveStream mode can be as high as 5 GS/s (up to 2.5x that of other oscilloscopes), it is an excellent runt or glitch finder. Timing jitter is often visually assessed to understand approximate behavior. WaveStream makes it easy to understand jitter on edges or in eye diagrams. WaveStream also excels in allowing you to relate composite (WaveStream) to single-event (real-time sampled) behaviors. Just capture in WaveStream mode, toggle to view or zoom a single trace, then toggle back to WaveStream mode.

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