X-Stream II

X-Stream II techonlogy improves the speed and responsiveness of Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes.

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Optimized for Fast Throughput
Designed for long memory operation and responsiveness X-Stream II technology enables high throughput of data - even when the oscilloscope is performing multiple 100 Mpts waveforms. It does so by eliminating the trade-offs between long memory length and quick processing. WavePro 7 Zi’s proprietary architecture design is augmented with an Intel® Core™2 Quad processor, high-speed serial databuses, a 64-bit OS and up to 8 GB of RAM.

Optimized for Long Memory
By using variable waveform segment lengths to improve the CPU cache memory efficiency the WavePro 7 Zi is designed for the fastest processing of long waveform records. The result—10-20 times faster processing compared to other oscilloscopes.

Optimized for Responsiveness
By dynamically allocating buffers to maximize memory availability, the WavePro 7 Zi Series embodies the fastest front panel responsiveness. Waveform previewing shows interim calculation results while a built in processing abort make front panel control changes instant by stopping the current process and allowing new waveforms to be positioned or zoomed—all without a lengthy recalculation.

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