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Advanced Optical Recording Measurements

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A Precise, Accurate Characterization Tool

The AORM software package is now available in the new-generation high performance DSOs (WaveMaster®, WavePro®, SDA, and DDA Series). In addition to all the ORM/AORM features supplied in legacy scopes for nearly ten years, the AORM option in our new-generation X-Stream DSO environment provides a completely updated user interface and improved debug tools written to support ever increasing read/write data rates and larger media capacity required for the latest CD and DVD implementations. Typical applications include game box technology and high-capacity DVD Read/Write.

The unique combination of deep acquisition memory available in Teledyne LeCroy DSOs and the flexibility of AORM in adapting to optical recording standards provides the user with ultimate measurement accuracy and 2-dimensional correlation of recording parameters.

CD and DVD Channel Emulation
In AORM, channel emulation enables real-time signal processing in software. Responding to innovations in optical disk drive technology, Teledyne LeCroy DSOs feature a software package designed to interface with existing CLV (constant linear velocity) type systems as well as new CAV (constant angular velocity) type systems used for hard disk drive and high-speed CD-ROM applications. AORM is also compatible with ZCLV (zoned constant linear velocity) systems used in DVD drives.

Histogram, Trend, and XY Parametric Views

As hardware designers are quick to recognize, measurement results often need to be summarized and tabulated for quick interpretation. DSO technology further enhances AORM functionality:

  • Long memory records
  • Multi-zoom
  • SMART Trigger® (interval and width)
  • Parameter statistics
  • Signal processing views (Histogram/Trend/XY Trend)

View Options
  • Parameter – the source trace(s) will be displayed along with the custom parameters.
  • nT Table – the source trace(s) will be displayed along with the nT Table display.
  • Histogram – the histogram of the selected parameter is shown.
  • Trend – the trend of the selected parameter is shown.
  • XY Plot – plots the trend of the selected measurement vs. either the trend of t@pit or pwid, as appropriate.

Characterization of ISI
Characterization of ISI using edge shift parametric measurements vs. pit or space pair was once a tedious, time-consuming process until the introduction of ORM about ten years ago. AORM brings to X-Stream DSOs all the functionality of ORM, long regarded as the standard for optical disk recording software.