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By using VirtualProbe, you can understand the characteristics of signals where a physical probe cannot be placed, such as inside of a package or at the end of an interconnect that doesn't physically exist. You can choose to remove effects caused by elements such as fixtures that are not be present in a production configuration, and also add the effects of a device that is to be included but for which only an S-parameter model exists. Use in conjunction with SDAIII products to complete your serial data analysis solution set.

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Key Features
virtual probes
  • View signals where you cannot place a probe
  • Model up to 6 circuit elements
  • Remove probe loading
  • De-embed fixtures
  • Emulate modeled channels
  • Multi-lane compatible
    • Configure up to 4 independent circuits models
    • With CrossLinQ and CompleteLinQ products, model crosstalk between multiple lanes
  • Model crosstalk with 8 and 12-port S-parameters
  • Included in CompleteLinQ product for signal integrity analysis
  • Two ways to use: Independently, or within SDAIII

View Signals Where You Cannot Place a Probe

The VirtualProbe package expands the de-embedding and emulation capabilities of EyeDoctorII. Configure a multi-block circuit using S-parameters, and VirtualProbe will build the transfer function that returns the signal as it would appear before or after any block in the circuit.

Model up to 6 Circuit Elements

Model your circuit as either a single-ended or differential lane, and configure a model using up to 6 blocks with S-parameters and transmission lines.

Remove Probe Loading Effects

It is law of physics that you cannot make a measurement without disturbing the system. VirtualProbe removes probe loading effects from your measurement, further increasing your measurement accuracy.

De-embed Fixtures

Remove the effects of fixtures from the measured waveform to improve eye and jitter measurement accuracy.

Emulate Modeled Channels

Enhance your understanding of the behavior of channels that are still in the design stage by configuring VirtualProbe for emulation using your S-parameter models or measurements.

Multi-lane Compatible

VirtualProbe is architected to meet the needs of engineers designing and testing multi-lane systems. Users can configure circuit models on up to 4 lanes, and use the "Xtalk" block to model crosstalk.

Model Crosstalk with 8 and 12 port S-parameters

Model crosstalk between lanes in multi-lane transmission systems with 8 and 12 port S-parameters measured with the Teledyne Teledyne LeCroy SPARQ or other VNA

Included in CompleteLinQ Product for Signal Integrity Analysis

VirtualProbe is included as a part of the CompleteLinQ product, allowing users to analyze virtually probed measurements, forming eye diagrams and measuring jitter, noise and crosstalk.

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