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The world leading OpticalLinQ software for analysis of optically modulated signals can now be used with any coherent optical receiver (including the Teledyne LeCroy IQS series of receivers). Users can select a wide variety of analysis views and parametric measurements to gain a complete understanding of their optical signal path.

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Key Features
  • Built-in dispersion compensation, polarization de-multiplexing, and carrier recovery algorithms
  • Supports DP-QPSK, DP-16QAM, and a wide variety of other PSK and QAM formats
  • Support for custom modulation formats
  • Seamless integration of custom MATLAB code

Seamless Software Integration

Optical-LinQ is an intuitive and fully integrated software package for analysis of optically modulated signals. It runs entirely within the user interface of the LabMaster 10Zi-A. No other OMA on the market offers such integrated control of both oscilloscope and coherent receiver.

Optical-LinQ provides fully automated control of the IQS receiver, phase recovery algorithms, polarization demultiplexing, as well as an exhaustive number of modulation analysis displays and parameters.

Custom DSP Algorithm Validation

Test and validation of digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms is a vital part of the transceiver development. OpticalLinQ is equipped with built-in DSP algorithms such as CMA, MMA, Viterbi & Viterbi for you to use as tested reference algorithms. And the custom code integration feature lets you use and validate your own algorithms in MATLAB format.

Analysis Views

Display the signal just the way you want it, using Optical-LINQ’s extensive list of visualization options:

  • I vs. Q Constellation
  • I vs. Q Trajectory
  • Reference Symbols
  • I Eye Diagram
  • Q Eye Diagram
  • Intensity Eye Diagram
  • Phase Eye Diagram
  • EVM % Eye Diagram
  • Recovered I vs. Time
  • Recovered Q vs. Time
  • Intensity vs. Time
  • Phase vs. Time
  • EVM % vs. Time
  • Phase Error vs. Time
  • Carrier Phase vs. Time
  • E-field Spectrum
  • I Spectrum
  • Q Spectrum
  • S1, S2, S3 Polarization State
  • Raw I vs. Time
  • Raw Q vs. Time
  • Calibration Buffer I
  • Calibration Buffer Q

Parametric Measurements

OpticalLinQ includes the parametric measurements you need to quantify the health of your signal path and modulation. Selected measurements are presented in tabular format that is easily saved for documentation and further analysis.

Parametric Measurements List
  • Error Vector Magnitude
  • Q Factor
  • BER Estimate
  • I Bias Error
  • Q Bias Error
  • Quadrature Error
  • IQ Skew
  • IQ Offset
  • IQ Imbalance
  • Frequency Offset
  • Magnitude Error
  • Phase Error
  • Polarization Mode Dispersion
  • XY Skew
  • Polarization Dependent Loss

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