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3-phase Power Analysis Software

Teledyne LeCroy's 3-Phase Power Analysis software package provides complete three-phase electrical power analysis. Static power results are in a convenient, configurable Numeric table, and dynamic power results are displayed as per-cycle Waveforms. Zoom+Gate mode provides ability to understand and isolate dynamic behaviors. All aspects of system debug and validation on any building block (AC-AC, AC-DC, DC-DC, DC-AC) of a Power Conversion system can now be easily performed.

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Key Features
  • 1-phase and 3-phase measurements
  • Two-wattmeter method supported
  • Zoom+Gate
  • Harmonics Analysis option (THREEPHASEHARMONICS)
  • Vector display option (THREEPHASEVECTOR)
  • Waveform Transformations option (THREEPHASEdq0)
  • Intuitive, graphical user interface
  • Key Applications
    • Solar PV inverters
    • Grid-tied inverters
    • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
    • Welding equipment
    • Power Conversion Systems
    • DC-DC power supplies


Static Power Analysis

Short records, acquired under steady-state operating conditions, can provide fast updates of mean value power quantities in the Numerics table. Power quantities can be calculated on a line frequency AC period, a variable frequency PWM output period, or over a very short time period, such as the device switching period.

Dynamic Power Analysis

Long records permit capture and analysis of long periods of time. Touch a Numerics table cell and create a per-cycle "synthesized" Waveform of the parameter over time. Zoom+Gate adds further value for dynamic analysis. Correlate complex behaviors to other control or power system waveforms, and debug power conversion system problems faster.


Zoom your acquisitions and Gate both the Numerics measurement table and the per-cycle Waveforms to the zoomed area. Gain deeper and faster understanding of complex drive and control system behaviors.

Harmonics Analysis Option

Apply a discrete fourier transform (DFT) harmonic filter to acquired voltage and current waveforms. Harmonically filter Numerics table results more accurately than brute force hardware filters. Display per-order Harmonics in a table along with up to 9 spectral waveforms. View per-cycle THD values over time.

3-phase Vector Display Option

Two simultaneous vector displays permit visualization of three-phase system voltage and current. Vector information can be harmonically filtered and is compatible with Zoom+Gate to show vector changes during dynamic or long acquisitions.

Waveform Transformations option (THREEPHASEdq0)

Support for two simultaneous αβγ (Clarke) and dq0 (Park) real-time transformations with X-Y plot capability available for d vs. q and α vs. β components.

Intuitive, graphical user interface

An easy-to-understand user interface guides the operator through setup and analysis. Setup capability is provided for any combination of single-phase or three-phase system input/output.


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