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MDA 8000HD Motor Drive Analyzers

The Motor Drive Analyzer is built on an 8 channel, 12-bit resolution oscilloscope platform. It acquires any signal and performs three-phase electrical and mechanical power calculations. It provides complete power section and embedded control test coverage.

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Key Features
  • Static power analysis - like a dedicated power analyzer
  • Dynamic power analysis – capture more information
  • Complete test coverage – control system, power section, motor
  • Comprehensive mechanical interface
  • Harmonics calculation option
  • Vector display option (THREEPHASEVECTOR)
  • Waveform Transformations option (THREEPHASEdq0)
  • 16 Channels with OscilloSYNC™


Static Power Analysis

The mean-value Numerics table displays voltage, current, power, speed, torque, etc. values for short (or long) time periods during constant load, speed and torque operating conditions - just like what a dedicated power analyzer instrument provides.

Dynamic Power Analysis

Capture thousands of power cycles over long time periods. Per-cycle Waveform views help you understand dynamic behaviors. Use Zoom+Gate to isolate and correlate power behaviors to control system operation during dynamic load, speed, and torque operating conditions.

Complete Test Coverage

Acquire and display analog, digital and serial data signals from both power and embedded control systems. Correlate power system behaviors to control system activity during time periods as short as a single device switching cycle.

Comprehensive Mechanical Interface

Nine speed, four angle, and five torque sensors supported – most supported only by the Motor Drive Analyzer. Calculate mechanical power at your bench without external sensors connected.

Harmonics Calculation Option

Rigorous software DFT method precisely separates desired frequency content. Provides THD numeric calculation and per-cycle Waveforms, harmonic order table and spectral displays (up to nine simultaneous).

3-phase Vector Display Option

Two simultaneous vector displays permit visualization of three-phase system voltage and current. Vector information can be harmonically filtered and is compatible with Zoom+Gate to show vector changes during dynamic or long acquisitions.

Waveform Transformations option (THREEPHASEdq0)

Support for two simultaneous αβγ (Clarke) and dq0 (Park) real-time transformations with X-Y plot capability available for d vs. q and α vs. β components

16 Channels with OscilloSYNC™

View and control 16 analog channels on a single display with OscilloSYNC Oscilloscope Synchronization. Setup is incredibly easy – it’s like having a single 16-channel acquisition system with the benefit of being able to use each oscilloscope or MDA independently.



WaveRunner 8000HD 8 Channel High Definition Oscilloscopes

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MDA 8000HD Motor Drive Analyzers

MDA 8000HD Motor Drive Analyzers

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Main Specifications

Bandwidth 350 MHz - 2 GHz
Max Sampling Rate 10 GS/s
Resolution 12-bit
Input Channels 8
Memory 50 Mpts - 5 Gpts
Max Memory 5 Gpts