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Spectrum analyzer controls/displays and drag-and-drop spectral waveforms with background subtract, spectrograms, persistence, max hold and averaging capabilities. Load non-linear transducer or antenna correction factor tables for proper rescaling of sniffer probes.

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Key Features
  • Logarithmic horizontal and vertical scales
  • Drag-and-drop spectrum traces
  • Non-linear “sniffer” probe correction factors
  • Spectral background removal
  • Reference, Persistence, Average, and Max Hold
  • Spectrograms in 2D and 3D
  • Peak and Marker tables
  • Spectral mask

Most Flexible Spectral Analysis

Spectrum analyzer controls/displays and drag-and-drop spectral waveforms provide power and flexibility. Spectral correlation is made easier with simultaneous display of all oscilloscope channels, math functions, and spectral waveforms. Use background subtract to eliminate spurious interference from environmental or other sources. Create two different spectral waveforms with different frequency spans and resolution bandwidths to debug different behaviors in the same acquisition.

Best Sniffer Probe Support

Apply non-linear transducer or antenna correction factor re-scaling using nearly any electrical or magnetic unit of measure (e.g., Teslas, Webers, Henrys, Siemens, V/m, C/m2, A/m, H/m) for properly scaled and unitized spectral displays. Connect the CA10 sensor adapter to save all of the re-scaling information and turn the transducer into a quick-connection probe.

Widest Spectral Range and Most Signal Details

Perform spectral analysis down to 1 Hz with resolution bandwidth of 100 mHz – ideal for low frequency magnetic testing. Utilize the long memory in Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes to acquire waveforms up to 250 Mpts for analysis of very wide frequency spans at high resolution bandwidths.

Spectrograms Display Spectral Changes Over Time

Monitor spectrum changes over time by viewing a 2D or 3D color-graded history of the frequency content.


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