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SDAIII-PCIE6 software supports the core PCIe 6.0 Base Specification transmitter measurements that are required to validate early chip development. Software de-embedding capability allows Base measurements to be taken at the chip’s transmitter output.

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Key Features
  • Unique Transmitter Equalization Tools
  • Highest Confidence Jitter Measurements
  • Most Complete SNDR Analysis


Unique Transmitter Equalization Tools
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A critical step to characterizing and debugging the transmitter behavior is ensuring the equalizer’s preshoot and deemphasis measured values correlates with the simulated values.

Highest Confidence Jitter Measurements
SDAIII-PCIE6 screenshot

Breakdown the jitter measurement composition into the 52 individual compliance pattern transitions, 12 voltage level transitions, or an aggregate to fully understand the transmitter behavior.

Most Complete SNDR Analysis
SDAIII-PCIE6 screenshot

Precise scope noise compensation ensures noise distortion is accurately accounted when calculating SNDR.


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