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SDA Expert (SDAX) serial data analysis software options simplify NRZ or PAM serial data jitter, eye diagram, noise and crosstalk measurement and analysis setup. Add-on expands debugging capabilities with tailored technology analysis for PCI Express, USB, DisplayPort and more.

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Key Features
  • SDA Expert (SDAX) framework integrates everything – eye diagram, jitter, noise, crosstalk, equalization, and pulse response
  • Most Complete Serial Data Analysis Toolbox available for NRZ and PAMn
  • Unique Multi-view support with reference and comparison modes
  • Streamlined graphical user interface (UI) with self-explanatory icons
  • Built-In Report Generator
  • Tailored technology analysis options for PCI Express®, USB, Thunderbolt™, DisplayPort®, and more
SDA Expert Framework

The basic SDAX framework consists of one of the following options: SDAX-NRZ, SDAX-PAM, or SDAX-COMPLETE. SDAX-NRZ and SDAX-PAM perform jitter, eye diagram, noise, crosstalk, etc. measurements and analysis on NRZ or PAM signals, respectively with comparison of results to a reference view/lane. SDAX-COMPLETE performs the same on both NRZ and PAM signals and adds multi-view/lane analysis and comparisons and the de-embedding and emulation provided in the EYEDRII-VP option

SDA Expert Tailored Technology Options

The various SDAX prefixed technology options (e.g., SDAX-PCIE6) provide all the debugging analysis you need that is usually only available in compliance packages. When added to the SDAX-NRZ, SDAX-PAM or SDAX-COMPLETE options, they provide technology specific measurements , labeled as they are described in the technology standard document and meeting the specific requirements of the standard.


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