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Teledyne LeCroy Announces Publication Explaining Signal Integrity in both the Frequency and Time Domains

Peter J. Pupalaikis’ “S-Parameters for Signal Integrity” Available from Cambridge University Press

Chestnut Ridge, NY, January 27, 2020 - Teledyne LeCroy, a worldwide leader in electronic test and measurement solutions and a business unit of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, announces today the publication of a first-of-its-kind engineering book explaining common signal integrity problems in both the frequency and time domains. The book, “S-Parameters for Signal Integrity” by Teledyne LeCroy Vice President of Advanced Technology Development, Peter J. Pupalaikis, is the needed resource to aid the engineering community in understanding the abstract concept of the key measurement, s-parameters, from math and circuit theory standpoints.

Nearly every industry, from computer to aerospace, is developing technology that involves data traveling via microwaves and radio frequency. In today's world of gigabit-per-second transfer rates, design engineers must fully understand the necessary combination of simulation, modeling and measurement to make sure, at the most basic level, that a data bit that is transmitted as a one or zero is received and interpreted properly. This is the field of signal integrity, which involves the transfer of information from one place to another. There is a growing need for analysis capabilities to measure the behavior of the channel by which data is being transferred.

According to Pupalaikis, “The goal in data transfer is to move information efficiently, free of errors, and at high speed. The accomplishment of this goal involves the analysis, measurement and simulation of wave forms at a transmitter and receiver and the behavior of the channel through which the waveforms pass. This book on s-parameters includes how they are measured, what they represent, how they connect to circuit theory, how they are manipulated and how they interact with waveforms in what is known as the ‘time domain.’”

The textbook accompanies a suite of first-of-its-kind open-source software. Now, engineers will be able solve many problems that, in the past, required expensive, proprietary software that offered little in the way of education and insight. The combination of these resources enhances Teledyne LeCroy’s leadership in scattering parameter (or s-parameter) measurement embodied in the Company’s WavePulser 40iX.  The instrument is a time-domain reflectometry-based high-speed interconnect analyzer launched in mid-2019.

“In the WavePulser, we strive to produce accurate and precise, yet quicker, simpler and more economical measurements than with the standard tool, the vector network analyzer,” says Pupalaikis. “With the accompanying open-source software and textbook, users can now perform common signal integrity analysis tasks themselves, while gaining education and understanding on the topic in the process.”

“We are delighted to publish this book, which is an excellent educational resource for the signal integrity community,” says Julie Lancashire, executive publisher at Cambridge University Press. “The author is well known for his expertise in this field.”

“It’s great to be able to utilize freely available software that is completely explained in a single textbook,” says Gustavo Blando, Principal SI/PI System Architect at Samtec.  “It is unusual to find tools that are free, and whose operation is completely described both mathematically and programmatically. This is a big step forward in the signal integrity industry.”


The book is available through Cambridge University Press at www.cambridge.org/9781108489966

The open-source software is published in the Python Packaging Index (PyPI) at https://pypi.org/project/SignalIntegrity/.

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