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MIPI M-PHY® High-Speed GEAR 5 UFS 4.0 Protocol Analyzer/Exerciser with Solder-in Probe is now Available

Small footprint solder-in probe complements industry’s first UFS and UniPro protocol analyzer/exerciser to test M-PHY signals up to 23Gbps

Milpitas, CA, January 11, 2022 - Teledyne LeCroy’s Eclipse™ M52 Analyzer/Exerciser supports the next generation of M-PHY High Speed Gear 5 (HS-G5), UniPro 2.0/UFS 4.0 development and can be configured now with the new GEAR 5 solder-in probes. The Eclipse M52 analyzer/exerciser assists design and test engineers working with the high data rates and aggressive power management of the UniPro and UFS specifications over the MIPI M-PHY physical interface. The Eclipse M52 delivers in-depth testing and analysis, automated quality testing as well as compliance or conformance verification in one powerful package.

Engineers working with MIPI M-PHY signals commonly face physical constraints in probing signals found in small form-factor designs. The new Teledyne LeCroy HS-G5 solder-in probes have a smaller footprint than previous probes while offering greater signal integrity. The probes can be used with the Eclipse M52 to test M-PHY HS-G5 signals at speeds of up to 23Gbps. The Eclipse M52 analyzes bi-directional UniPro and UFS traffic, performing protocol sequence and timing analysis, and packet header and payload inspection, to provide the most robust and complete protocol insight of UFS 4.0 and UniPro 2.0 devices.

Through the use of its advanced UniPro M Series Protocol software suite, the Eclipse M52 can automatically identify and evaluate millions of packets, transactions, and complete protocol sequences, verifying conformance or compliance to the MIPI specification, as well as offering margin, corner case, and automated stress testing. Complex transactions such as power mode changes and Link Startup Sequence events can be automatically analyzed many times, finding issues that even an expert engineer might miss.


The Eclipse M52 with licenses for UFS 4.0, UniPro v2.0 and M-PHY v5.0 HS-G5 as well as the HS-G5 solder-in probes are currently available from Teledyne LeCroy. To learn more, please contact Teledyne LeCroy at +1 (800) 909-7211 or visit the Eclipse M52 UniPro/UFS Analyzer/Exerciser web landing page.

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