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Teledyne LeCroy Releases SimPASS™ USB Allowing USB4 Gen4 Pre-Silicon Verification

Design Engineers can now view USB4 80Gbps Simulation Output in the Industry’s Leading Protocol Analyzer Software

USB Developer Days 2022, Seoul, South Korea – November 15, 2022— Teledyne LeCroy Inc., the worldwide leader in protocol test solutions, today announced the release of Simulation Protocol Analyzer Software System for USB (SimPASS USB), supporting the newly released USB4 80Gbps specification, to address the pre-silicon simulation and design verification phases of development.  SimPASS USB brings the powerful Teledyne LeCroy data traffic analysis capabilities to the simulation environment.  Users of cutting-edge simulation tools can generate SimPASS compatible export files and view these test vectors directly in the Teledyne LeCroy trace viewer.  

USB4 I/O traffic Register Transfer Level (RTL) simulation vector files can now be displayed and analyzed in the same way as hardware-derived trace files are analyzed in the post-silicon phase by using the powerful protocol behavior analysis, visualization and “drill down” capabilities of the USB Protocol Suite software. Major issues facing USB4 developers, such as flaws in power state transitions, improper credit flow exchanges and marginal timing handshakes can be discovered, tracked to their source, and resolved. Issues identified and fixed in simulation can be verified by regenerating the simulation and analysis in the SimPASS USB software. Doing this before committing the design to silicon is a major advance in eliminating design flaws that can cause expensive and time-consuming redesign work. 

“The ability to track down errors using the familiar Teledyne LeCroy USB Protocol Suite displays and error reports makes the verification and regression process easier for the engineers involved,” said Joe Mendolia, vice-president of marketing at Teledyne LeCroy.  “SimPASS USB can import unlimited simulation files and provide the added benefit of allowing developers to use the same protocol analysis tool set when moving to real devices for post-silicon testing and debug, resulting in faster time-to-market and lower development costs for System-on-a-Chip (SoC) designs”.

The SimPASS USB software tool supports the recently released USB4 80Gbps specification. For more information, please contact your regional Sales Engineer: 1-800-909-7211 or 408-653-1262; or email [email protected]. Learn more at: https://teledynelecroy  .

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