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New MIPI® C-PHY and D-PHY Analyzer and Generator Accelerates High-Performance Display and Imaging Sensor Testing

Teledyne LeCroy Envision X14 single-box test solution covers all CSI-2® and DSI-2SM protocols


Elgin, IL, October 4, 2023 – Teledyne LeCroy, the worldwide leader in protocol test solutions, today announced the availability of Envision X14 Analyzer and Generator for MIPI C-PHY/D-PHY and CSI/DSI, a comprehensive test solution designed to aid developers incorporating MIPI Camera Serial Interface 2 (CSI-2) and Display Serial Interface 2 (DSI-2) designs at either C-PHY rates up to 6.0Gb/s or D-PHY at rates up to 9.0Gb/s.

MIPI C-PHY and D-PHY busses provide high-throughput performance for connecting displays or cameras and image sensors to application processors used in devices such as smartphones, tablets, AR/VR headsets and connected cars where low-power consumption and small form-factor are essential. The Envision X14 Protocol Analyzer and Generator offers a flexible test solution that accelerates the development and troubleshooting of complex MIPI imaging and detection systems. The Envision X14 system is combined with powerful and intuitive software that acts as a device emulator or as a passive monitor.  The signal generator emulates signals transmitted to an application processor for CSISM or a display module for DSI®, and the passive monitor captures the full MIPI traffic through soldered down probes.

“As an active Contributor member of the Alliance for more than a decade, Teledyne LeCroy has been a longtime partner in supporting our members in their implementation and testing of MIPI specifications," said Sanjiv Desai, chair of MIPI Alliance. “The Envision X14 test solution is a welcome addition to the MIPI CSI and DSI ecosystems and will help further accelerate the adoption of MIPI specifications across the broad market spaces our members serve.”  

The Envision X14 and the solder down probes are available for immediate order, with convenient ala carte licensing to allow customers to purchase the set of features they need for their D-PHY/C-PHY and CSI/DSI projects.  For more information on the Envision X14 Analyzer/Generator please contact Teledyne LeCroy at +1 (800) 909-7211 or visit our website


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