Serial Data, Noise and Crosstalk Analysis Option Set

Designers of multi-lane signal systems require multi-lane analysis. Unleash the power of multi-lane SDA analysis to perform eye and jitter measurements on up to four lanes.

Simultaneous Analysis of Multiple Lanes

Use multi-lane analysis to simultaneously measure, view and compare eye diagrams and results from up to 4 lanes and/or configurations.

New Vertical Noise and Crosstalk Analysis Package

Gain insight into sources of crosstalk and interference with capabilities that can only be found on Teledyne LeCroy real-time oscilloscopes.

Extended SDA-CompleteLinQ Interface

The SDAIII "framework flow dialog" provides access to all eye, jitter and noise analysis capabilities and signal integrity toolkits.

Most Complete Set of Jitter, Eye and Analysis Tools

Access the most complete set of serial data analysis tools to form eye diagrams and decompose jitter into Tj, Rj, Dj and beyond.