CM-Series 4-Bay CXL Modules

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Connection support and
CM-Series 4-Bay Modules Models


Oakgate 4-Bay Modules for the PCIe 5.0 CD240-G5 CXL Validation Appliance are a robust, versatile way to test and debug solid-state CXL memory devices. Available for CEM and E.3 CXL Memory Expansion Devices. The 4-Bay Modules can be easily swapped in/out.

The module resides in the front compartment of the OakGate CXL validation appliance and allows testing of up to four CXL devices. The OakGate Endeavor software, supplied with the appliance, can exercise each CXL device individually, as well as provide built-in power cycling and power measurement capabilities.

The CXL Validation Desktop Appliance is powered by the OakGate Endeavor software, the industry’s first CXL-based validation testing software. The robust Endeavor software offers a broad set of testing features and capabilities. Endeavor supports a range of capabilities including traffic generation, register editing, security flows utilizing SPDM over DOE, SMBus and PCIe VDM, power control, sideband control and an interface to send passthrough commands. The CXL validation platforms also includes a python application programming interface (API).

Connection support and configurations

  • Modules are available to support the CEM and EDSFF E.3 connector types
  • The 4-Bay CXL Modules are designed to be easily swapped in/out by the customer
  • Modules are supported in the CD240-G5 CXL Validation Appliance

CM-Series 4-Bay CXLModules Models

Model Description

Supports up to four (4) Add-In Card (AIC) CXL devices


Supports up to four (4) EDSFF E.3 CXL devices

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