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Software Download

EyeTrace Utility

Version 1.0


EyeTraceUtility features:
a. Import eye diagram waveforms (XMLPer files) acquired with the SDA series oscilloscopes or with the Serial Data Mask package.
b. Save the waveform in a CSV format to facilitate offline analysis.
c. Zoom in/out on the eye diagram
d. Use cursors to make measurements.
e. Use context help by clicking control-h and hovering over GUI elements.

Simple installation instructions:
a. Download the zip file
b. If using Winzip, open the zip file and click the "Install" toolbar button
c. If not using Winzip, extract the zip file contents to a new folder, and then run the setup.exe file that is at the archive’s top level.

A shortcut for the application installs into the Start Menu, as well as a shortcut to the help file.

System Requirements:
1. Runs on typical PCs running Windows 2000, XP or Vista.
2. Microsoft's MSXML version 4.0 or 6.0 needs to be present on the target PC. (MSXML is a toolkit used for parsing XML files). Note that MSXML is typically included with Windows XP.
3. LabVIEW (TM) Run-Time Engine v8.5.1, which is included within the EyeTraceUtility installation.
4. Screen resolution 800x600 or higher.