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Analysis Software for Bluetooth

Download and install the Teledyne LeCroy Protocol Analysis Software free of charge. The software allows you to operate our Protocol test systems, update them to the latest functionality available, and collaborate with your peers by sharing trace files that can be viewed and analyzed on your computer.

To get the right software for your needs, please select one of the Protocol Technologies from the list below. Then continue to select the product you use from the menu. Once the product is selected, you will see the list of available software starting with the latest available. You can also search for the software by using the right text box to enter search keyword.
In the software list below, click  Download to begin the installation process.

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 Current Release Version Version    File Size    Release Date  

2.30 7/10/2024  Download
 Previous Release Version Version    File Size    Release Date  

2.20 4/22/2024  Download

(TCRL 2021-2)
2.10 (9/29/2022) 4/26/2023  Download

(TCRL 2021-2)
2.00 (4/7/2022) 8/4/2022  Download