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Instrument Drivers

The following drivers are available for download for Teledyne LeCroy Oscilloscopes:


  VICP Passport

The Teledyne LeCroy VICP Passport is a plug-in passport for National Instruments' VISA (Windows version only). This passport is recommended for all users who wish to communicate with their Teledyne LeCroy Digital Storage Oscilloscope via TCP/IP using NI-VISA.

This passport is required when using the LCXSDSO IVI driver to communicate with Teledyne LeCroy X-Stream scopes via TCP/IP. This passport is NOT required when communicating via GPIB.

After installing the VICP Passport, see the Readme file located in the Start Menu under All Programs - LeCroy - VICP Passport.

>>  Download the Teledyne LeCroy VICP Passport Installer 1.12

adobe  Download the Teledyne LeCroy LAB WM827 - Understanding VICP