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WaveStudio Software Download

To install the latest WaveStudio version, download the MAUI Studio software and select only the "WaveStudio" option from the MAUI Software Setup window.

Download MAUI Studio software


For PCs with 32-Bit operating system:

Download 32-bit WaveStudio


Features and Benefits
  • Easily capture analog and digital waveforms remotely from Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes
  • Import, view, and analyze LabNotebook files
  • Load saved .trc or WaveML waveform files for offline analysis
  • Analyze oscilloscope traces using x and y cursors and 21 built-in measurements
  • Annotate waveforms with custom text boxes
  • Control oscilloscope remotely using virtual screen and front panel
  • Quickly zoom and pan to easily navigate through long waveform records
  • Easily connect to the oscilloscope using the LAN, USB, RS-232, or GPIB interface
  • Compatible with LabMaster, WaveMaster, WavePro, WaveRunner, HRO, HDO, WaveSurfer, WaveJet, and WaveAce

WaveStudio is a fast and easy way to analyze acquired waveforms offline, or remotely control an oscilloscope from your desktop.


Loading a waveform or screenshot into WaveStudio can be performed in one of two ways, either offline or connected to the oscilloscope. When offline, simply open a trace file from a USB stick or e-mail attachment from the oscilloscope's save waveform function.

When connected to the oscilloscope, simply click on the display capture option to load a screen shot, or click a channel or channels to automatically load in the trace information.


WaveStudio presents the trace and screen shot views in tabs or windows. The tab view is ideal when many captures are stored. The window view can tile or cascade up to four widows of data to help correlate related waveforms and provide a time synchronized view.


WaveStudio provides x and y axis cursors for quick timing and amplitude measurements. For more precise values, use the built in 21 automatic measurements for accurate and quick results.


WaveStudio makes it easy to document your work, whether the oscilloscope is next to you or is many miles away. Save LabNotebook traces for future analysis, or save the screenshot as a .bmp, .jpg, .png, or .tif. Traces can be saved in binary or text formats.

Supported Measurements
  • Amplitude
  • Max
  • Mean
  • Min
  • Area
  • Base
  • Top
  • RMS
  • Pk–Pk
  • Overshoot+
  • Overshoot-
  • Delay
  • Duty
  • Fall 90–10
  • Fall 80–20
  • Rise 10–90
  • Rise 20–80
  • Period
  • Frequency
  • Width+
  • Width-
System Requirements

Your oscilloscope firmware must be at least version 6.0.1.x or higher.

Your PC must be running Windows® XP SP2, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, or Windows® 10 with 256 MB of RAM and 2 GB of free HDD space.

Supported Oscilloscopes
  • WaveAce 1000
  • WaveAce 2000
  • WaveJet 300/300A*/Touch
  • WaveSurfer MXs-B/MSO MXs-B/10/3000/3000z/510
  • HDO4000/4000A
  • WaveRunner 6000/Xi/Xi-A/6 Zi/HRO 6 Zi/8000/9000
  • HDO6000/6000A
  • HDO8000
  • MDA800
  • WavePro 7000/7 Zi/Zi-A/HD
  • WaveMaster 8000/8 Zi/Zi-A/Zi-B
  • LabMaster 9 Zi/Zi-A
  • LabMaster 10 Zi

* Supports only Display Capture and Terminal Modes