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Technical Library

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Excel VBA programming example using ActiveDSO (Japanese)

Visual Basic script that automatically sends vertical and horizontal sample point data to an Excel file and saves it as .csv waveform data. Comment lines in Japanese language.


This script steps executes triggers at each gain range in order to force calibration cycles so that after the script is complete, the scope will calibrate less frequently.

Low-Speed Measurement Data Logger Script

This script software-triggers the scope every 5 seconds and then appends the "min", "max" and "mean" results for measurement P1 to a file on the oscilloscope's hard drive.

Save Segment Trigger Times

This script saves the trigger times of each segment in a Sequence Mode acquisition to a text file.

Decoding Event Times

This script shows how to decode the CVARS such as "FirstEventTime" that can be readout from the scope or that are contained in he WaveML files.


MATLAB script that connects to a scope via TCPIP (VICP), reads back C1 & plots the waveform

Measure Gate To Cursor

This script positions the measure gates of P1-P6 to the position of the measurement cursors.

MSO Digital to Decimal

This script generates an analog waveform out of a digital bus. The scaling of the analog trace is correct as long as a maximum of 12 digital lines are used.