Seamlessly Merge a Protocol Analyzer and Oscilloscope

Teledyne LeCroy CrossSync PHY software and interposers seamlessly merge the functions of a Teledyne LeCroy protocol analyzer and oscilloscope – giving insight into link behavior that no other instrument can provide. Solve your interoperability issues faster and improve time to market.

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WaveMaster high bandwidth oscilloscope with PCIe protocol analyzer debugging power management transitions and dynamic link behaviors using CrossSync PHY

How Does CrossSync PHY Connect a Protocol Analyzer and Oscilloscope?

CrossSync PHY enables waveforms from Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes to be viewed alongside protocol analyzer traces, with complete time-correlation of electrical and protocol information for easy and powerful validation and root-cause analysis.

CrossSync PHY capable PCI Express® interposers and USB Test Coupon Fixtures eliminate the complexity of cross-probing the same interface for capture by both the protocol analyzer and oscilloscope.

Block diagram showing connection mechanism between oscilloscope and protocol analyzer using CrossSync PHY software and probing fixture

Validate and debug active link operation

  • CrossSync PHY capable interposers and test coupon fixtures enable observation of both electrical and protocol behavior without disturbing the link
  • Sideband signals, reference clock and power rails are all easily accessible to oscilloscope probes
  • Optional high-bandwidth oscilloscope probing points for data lanes

Quickly resolve interoperability issues by capturing the entire protocol stack

  • Trigger protocol analyzer and oscilloscope captures on the same high-level event
  • Easily measure timing relationships between protocol and electrical domains
  • Faster root-cause analysis means fewer costly finger-pointing exercises

Analyze link training with integrated physical and protocol views

  • Observe electrical-level results of protocol-level commands
  • Combined navigation means always knowing which protocol and electrical behaviors happen at the same time
  • No single instrument can deliver this level of cross-layer insight into link training

CrossSync PHY Cross-layer Analysis Software

The CrossSync PHY software option for your Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscope enables precise, intuitive navigation between time-correlated protocol analyzer and oscillscope traces.

  • 1CrossSync PHY navigation bar makes clear the timing relationship between linked protocol analyzer and oscilloscope captures.
  • 2One or many oscilloscope acquisition segments are represented in the navigation bar.
  • 3Protocol analyzer trace represented in the navigation bar.
  • 4Common trigger point ensures precise timing alignment between protocol trace, oscilloscope acquisitions, and navigation bar view.
  • 5Oscilloscope timebase and protocol analyzer acquisition window remain synchronized while navigating through the combined acquisition, for total confidence in timing behavior.
  • 6Selecting a packet on the protocol trace enables zoom traces on the oscilloscope to the same time window, enabling sub-packet-level measurement precision

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