Teledyne LeCroy's USB and USB-C® complete physical layer (PHY) and PHY Layer Sub-Block (PHY-Logic) test solutions combine superior instruments with sophisticated software that provides:

  • The fastest, easiest Tx/Rx PHY Compliance
  • Unmatched PHY-logic and Sideband debug at the connector test
    points (TP2, TP3)
  • USB-IF and VESA approved test suites

Standards supported are USB4®, Thunderbolt™ 3/4, USB 3.0/3.2, DisplayPort™ 1.4/2.0, and USB Power Delivery, all over the USB Type-C Connector.

USB Type-C PHY and PHY-logic Solutions
USB Type-C<sup>®</sup> Test Solutions
USB Type-C<sup>®</sup> Test Solutions

USB Type-C Physical Layer Testing

USB4 and Thunderbolt 3/4 Electrical PHY Test Suite

  • Single Solution for Tx and Rx compliance testing
  • Fastest, more efficient testing
  • High accuracy and repeatability due to superior signal quality

USB 3.0/3.2, USB 2.0, and USB-C Sideband Debug

  • Full range of instruments for all data rates
  • USB-IF Approved compliance
  • Protocol trigger, decode, and measurements for system debug
  • USB-PD compliance and debug

DisplayPort over USB-C

USB CrossSync™ PHY

USB CrossSync PHY enables USB4 and Thunderbolt waveforms from Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes to be viewed alongside M4x protocol analyzer traces, with complete time-correlation of electrical and protocol information for easy and powerful validation and root-cause analysis.

View USB CrossSync PHY Video

TF-USB-C Test Coupon Fixtures eliminate the complexity of cross-probing the same interface for capture by both the protocol analyzer and oscilloscope.

Validate and debug active link operation

  • TF-USB-C-HS Test Coupon Fixtures enable observation of both electrical and protocol behavior without disturbing the link
  • USB Type-C Sideband signals accessible using passive or active probes
  • High-bandwidth oscilloscope probing points for USB data lanes

Quickly resolve interoperability issues by capturing the entire protocol stack

  • Trigger protocol analyzer and oscilloscope captures on the same high-level event
  • Easily measure timing relationships between protocol and electrical domains
  • Faster root-cause analysis means fewer costly finger-pointing exercises

Analyze link training with integrated physical and protocol views

  • Observe electrical-level results of protocol-level commands
  • Combined navigation means always knowing which protocol and electrical behaviors happen at the same time
  • No single instrument can deliver this level of cross-layer insight into link training

Unmatched PHY-logic
and Sideband Debug

Link training and sideband negotiation failures account for many compliance and interoperability failures found on USB Type-C connected devices. These failures can be quickly identified as either physical or link layer issues by using Teledyne LeCroy's Physical Layer Logical Sub-Block and Sideband debug solutions that include:

  • Oscilloscope probing access to all signals at the USB Type-C connector (TP2 or TP3)
  • USB4 PHY-Logic and Active Re‑Timer measurements
  • USB4, USB 3.2, USB 2.0, Power Delivery, and Alt Mode analysis
USB4 PHY-logic debug with  M4X Exerciser/Analyzer and SDA 8-ZiB oscilloscope
USB Type-C USB4 high-speed and sideband debug/test coupon fixtures

Probe all Signals at the USB Type-C Connector

USB Type-C Test Coupons Fixtures provide probing access to all signals at connector test points (TP2 or TP3) without impacting the performance of the system under test.

View TF-USB-C Debug Video

USB4 Sideband Trigger, Decode, Measure/Graph, and Physical Layer (TDMP) and USB4 Decode, Measure/Graph, and Eye (DME) Software

USB4 PHY-Logic Layer and Re‑Timers

Quickly resolve USB4 PHY state machine and re‑timer link failures using USB4 Trigger, Decode, and other solutions.

USB 3.2 and Power Delivery Debug using WavePro HD oscilloscope and Teledyne LeCroy USB Exerciser/Analyzer

Debug USB 3.2 and USB Power Delivery

Debug USB Type-C system interop issues using the full toolset.

View USB-C Sideband Video

View [email protected]_RDY Video

View DisplayPort Alt Mode Video

Read USB 3.2 PHY-Logic App Note

USB4 Physical Layer Compliance and Debug

Teledyne LeCroy LabMaster 10 Zi-A or SDA 8 Zi-B (25 GHz and above) with USB4 specific software options provides the following:

  • Fastest Tx and Rx Electrical Physical Layer Compliance Solution
  • Deepest Signal Integrity Toolbox
  • Unmatched PHY-Logic and Link Layer Debug
USB4 and Thunderbolt 3/4 Receiver Calibration Setup

Fastest USB4 and Thunderbolt 3/4 Electrical Compliance

Teledyne LeCroy’s high performance oscilloscopes with QPHY-USB4-TX-RX provides the fastest and most efficient compliance Tx/Rx testing for USB4 and Thunderbolt from Gen2 (10Gb/s NRZ) to Gen4 (26Gbaud PAM3)

  • LabMaster 10Zi-A or SDA 8Zi-B oscilloscopes automate compliance with QPHY-USB4-Tx-Rx
  • LabMaster 10Zi-A system performance enables USB4 ‘SigTest’ analysis without transferring waveforms to a separate PC
  • Accurate Rx calibration and BER testing with Anritsu MP1900A BERT

Deepest Signal Integrity Toolbox

Unmatched PHY-Logic and Link Layer Debug

The Trusted Leader in USB 3.2
PHY Testing

Since becoming the first USB-IF "Gold Suite" in 2011, Teledyne LeCroy continues to be the trusted leader in all the latest USB Type-C technologies including USB 3.2 with:

  • "Gold Suite" PHY Tx/Rx compliance testing
  • The deepest USB 3.2 signal integrity toolbox
  • Unmatched PHY-logic and sideband debug
USB 3.2 PHY Compliance and Debug Solutions

"Gold Suite" Tx/Rx PHY Compliance Testing

Teledyne LeCroy’s high performance oscilloscopes with QPHY-USB3.2-TX-RX support transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) compliance tests.

  • LabMaster 10Zi-A or SDA 8Zi-B oscilloscopes automate compliance with QPHY-USB3.2-TX-RX
  • Accurate, protocol aware Rx testing with Anritsu MP1900A BERT
  • Support of both USB-IF and 3rd party fixtures and software tools

View USB 3.2 Tx Video

View USB 3.2 Rx Video

The Deepest Signal Integrity Toolbox

  • Select USB-IF 'SigTest' or 'LeCroy SDAIII' analysis methods
  • Debug electrical compliance issues faster with SDAIII-CompleteLinQ eye diagrams, jitter and noise analysis
  • Use WavePulser 40iX for receiver channel characterization and calibration

Unmatched PHY-Logic and Sideband Debug

View USB 3.2 PHY-Logic Debug Video

USB 2.0 Electrical PHY Test Suite

The USB 2.0 standard consists of Low Speed (LS – 1.5Mb/s), Full Speed (FS – 12Mb/s), and High Speed (HS – 480Mb/s) Teledyne LeCroy Oscilloscope used with QPHY-USB software, active probes, and protocol layer tools provides a complete test solution for USB 2.0 electrical compliance testing and debug.

USB2 TDME (Trigger, Decode, Measure/Graph, Eye) and ProtoSync Software

Compliance Test

QPHY-USB test software implements a full set of electrical tests for USB 2.0, including High-, Full-, and Low-speed tests

  • Compliant with all real-time oscilloscope tests specified by the USB-IF procedures
  • Support for host, device, and hub testing
  • Simple and easy-to-use automated testing
  • Available TF-USB-B test fixture

Watch USB 2.0 Compliance Video

TDME and Protocol Layer Tools for Debug

USB 2.0 decode and Protosync software for debug:

Wide Range of Oscilloscopes

USB Type-C Power Delivery

Only Teledyne LeCroy supplies the full range of solutions for USB Power Delivery

  • Oscilloscope-based TDMP for USB‑PD and USB Type‑C 'Alt Mode' debug
  • Comprehensive USB Type‑C & PD Compliance Test platforms
  • Low-cost solutions for USB 2.0, PD, and 'Alt Mode' protocol analysis
USB-PD TDMP (Trigger, Decode, Measure/Graph, Physical Layer) Software

Oscilloscope TDMP for USB-PD Debug

  • Access CC1/CC2, VBUS, and ILoad using TF‑USB‑C‑SB debug coupon
  • Trigger – Trigger on PD preamble, ordered set, messages, and errors
  • Decode - Decode SPR and EPR PD messages
  • Measure/Graph – electrical voltage, current, and timing measurements
  • Physical Layer – BMC Eye mask testing & measurements

View USB-C Sideband Video

View [email protected]_RDY Video

View DisplayPort Alt Mode Video

100% Coverage for USB‑PD and USB Type‑C Compliance

  • USB‑IF Approved for PD & Type‑C Compliance Testing
  • The only USB-IF approved solutions for USB 3.2 Gen2 and USB4 Link Layer Compliance testing
  • Integrated Data and PD Exercisers for device and host traffic generation

Portable & Affordable Power Delivery analyzers

  • Analyze and debug PD / Type‑C messages & state changes
  • Industry's most comprehensive USB device class decoding
  • Power Tracker™ graphical display of VBUS power & current


USB4<sup>®</sup> Transmitter Testing
USB4<sup>®</sup> S-parameter Measurements
USB4<sup>®</sup> Receiver Testing

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