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Since becoming the first USB-IF "Gold Suite" in 2011, Teledyne LeCroy continues to be the trusted leader in all the latest USB Type-C technologies including USB 3.2. Teledyne Lecroy goes beyond compliance to provide the deepest signal integrity and cross layer (protocol/electrical) toolbox for system level debug available.

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Key Features
  • Fast and easy Physical Layer Tx/Rx Compliance testing using QualiPHY
  • LFPS Tx/Rx testing using a variety of LFPS generators
  • High-speed Rx testing using the Anritsu MP1900A BERT
  • Connection diagrams ensure correct setup on the first try
  • QualiPHY report generation creates comprehensive USB-IF approved reports
  • USB 3.2 SDA Expert Analysis software for signal integrity debug
  • Powerful cross layer (protocol/electrical) software options
  • Support of USB-IF approved 3rd party test fixtures for all connector types


USB 3.2 Transmitter Compliance Testing

QPHY-USB3.2-TX-RX fully automates tests outlined in USB 3.2 PHY compliance test specifications. A variety of low cost Low Frequency Periodic Signaling (LFPS) test generators can be used for compliance pattern sequencing and even 3rd party AUX controllers can be used to test both USB 3.2 Tx and DisplayPort Source over USB Type-C. QPHY provides simple setup and connection diagrams to guide the user through the tests. When complete, a USB-IF approved compliance report is generated.

USB 3.2 Receiver Compliance Testing

QPHY-USB3.2-TX-RX fully automates stressed signal calibration and BER testing using the Anritsu MP1900A SQA BERT configured with MX183000A USB Link Training option. As with Tx testing, QPHY guides the user through CTS specified calibration and BER testing using connection diagrams. When complete, a USB-IF approved compliance report is generated. The MP1900A JTOL option can also be used to perform jitter margin testing.

SDA Expert Analysis

Teledyne LeCroy builds decades of industry standard expertise into SDA Expert serial data analysis software and options. Simply select the standard, configure the test point, and select measurements to get to quickly resolve signal integrity related failures.

S-Parameter Measurements

The WavePulser 40iX Interconnect Analyzer can also be used to characterize physical channels and compare them to worst case models used for USB-IF compliance testing.

PHY-logic Debug

The USB32BUS D PHY-logic decode option for provides link layer decode information annotated on the USB 3.2 physical layer waveform. This provides the ability to view protocol traffic on the oscilloscope and verify that the link is alive and operating properly. Further debug link up issues using ProtoSync software which provides 'linked analysis’ between the oscilloscope’s decoder and USB Protocol Software Suite.

USB Type-C Sideband and ‘Alt Mode’ Debug

USB-PD TDMP (Trigger, Decode, Measure/Graph, and Physical Layer) provides triggering and decode on USB-PD packets. The USB-PD power contract is the first thing that gets negotiated when two USB Type-C devices are connected. DisplayPort 'Alt Mode' can be decoded by using DP-AUX DMP(Decode, Measurement/Graph, and Physical Layer) to debug timing issues. Both USB-PD TDMP and DP-AUX DMP also provide physical layer measurements that can be used to validate that each sideband signal meets the specification.


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