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8b10b Decode Option

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Leading Features:

  • Translates 8B/10B encoded Serial Data Waveforms into symbol views for effective troubleshooting
  • Correlates Protocol Events to Physical Waveforms for greater insight
  • Saves Data to Disk for further analysis
  • Supports multichannel operation to view up to four lanes simultaneously
  • Protocol decoding capability up to 6.25 Gb/s
  • Real-time Triggering for data rates up to 2.7 Gb/s

Multichannel Operation – View up to four lanes simultaneously
Certain serial data standards (for example PCI Express) transmit and receive data in multiple lanes. The ability to apply decoding to up to four simultaneous captured channels allows for multi-lane analysis that is not possible with single channel solutions.

When combined with the high bandwidth abilities of the SDA11000 DSO, this software option permits symbolic decoding of high speed serial data applications such as SATA Gen 2 (3 Gb/s), PCI Express Gen 2 (5 Gb/s) and SAS 6Gb/sec.

Correlate Protocol Events to Physical Waveforms for Greater Insight
Teledyne LeCroy’s unique combination of advanced protocol analysis and decoding tools allows for ultimate correlation of protocol messages to waveform events. Teledyne LeCroy’s protocol analyzers can be programmed to issue a trigger signal on the occurrence of any protocol primitive or message.

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