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Ethernet Decode

Ethernet decoding provides protocol awareness to the oscilloscope for fast debugging.

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Key Features
  • Ethernet Data Layer Decode for 10Base-T and 100Base-Tx
  • Color-coded decode highlights key elements of Ethernet packet such as address or error information
  • Decoded information is intuitively overlaid directly on top of the waveform
  • Decode information expands as the timebase is adjusted or zoomed
  • Convenient table display with quick "zoom to message" capability
  • Quick search capability for specific Ethernet frames
Decode Annotation Complements Physical Layer Views

The Ethernet 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX protocol information is decoded and displayed on the physical layer waveform. Various sections of the protocol, such as Destination and Source Address or CRC Errors, are color-coded to make it easy to understand. Decode annotation information condenses or expands depending on the timebase/zoom ratio setting. The decode operation is fast—even with long acquisitions. Data transferred in a frame is not only displayed on the frame level but also on individual byte level. Look at the big picture while focusing on details at the same time.

Decode annotation provides the ability to view protocol traffic on the oscilloscope and verify that the link is alive and transmitting properly as it quickly decodes waveform data instantaneously. It also aids in debugging problems that are not solely analog or digital in nature, such as interoperability issues, uncertain error causes, and physical layer issues not evident with a protocol analyzer.

Convenient Table Display and Search

Long oscilloscope acquisition memory provides long capture times of Ethernet transmissions. Decoded information is conveniently shown in an interactive table, any table entry can be selected for a closer look. The search capabilities help identify and isolate protocol specifics such as CRC errors, data size errors and more. In addition, table data may be exported as .csv files for offline analysis.

Support on Multiple Oscilloscope Platforms

The Ethernet 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX decode option is available on a wide range of oscilloscope models with real-time bandwidths from 200 MHz to 65 GHz.

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