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The MIPI UniPro Protocol Decoder analyzes acquired M-PHY analog waveforms and provides insight into multiple levels of UniPro protocol information. Data and Control frames are presented in an intuitive table format, where selecting a frame expands its content to a color-coded symbolic level, simultaneously creating a zoom. Decode annotation information is displayed on the physical layer waveform for a quick reference.

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Key Features
  • Decode UniPro over M-PHY HS-G1 to HS-G3 and PWM-G1 to PWM-G7.
  • Provides frame and symbol decoding (L1, L1.5 and L2) of UNIPRO waveform across four lanes of up - and/or downstream data.
  • Decode Cyclical Redundancy Check (CRC) data and highlights CRC errors.


Convenient Table Display and Search

Decoded frame and contents data are conveniently shown in searchable, color-coded tables.

Frame-by-frame decode

Table shows decoded Data and Control frames from the acquired analog waveforms.

Symbolic decode

Symbolic decode table shows color-coded frame contents.

Search and Zoom

Protocol frames and data can be quickly located using the Search dialog.

Decode Annotation

Decoded UniPro data is annotated on the physical layer waveform.

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