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MDIO Decode

The Media Data Input/Output (MDIO) decoder provides a fast and easy way to understand and correlate MDIO bus traffic to the management of PHYs or physical layer devices in media access controllers (MACs).

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Key Features
  • Support for Clause 22 and Clause 45
  • Intuitive, color-coded decode overlays
  • Intelligent clause and bit rate recognition
  • Support for continuous and bursted clocks
  • Serial pattern search of decoded data
  • Interactive protocol decode table
  • Simultaneous operation with three other decoders (four total) at one time
Intuitive, Color-coded Overlays

A transparent overlay with color-coding for specific portions of the MDIO protocol and the entire message frame makes it easy to understand your serial data information. Unlike other solutions, with protocol decode information away from the signal, our solution correlates the waveform and the protocol decode directly on the display. As the acquisition length is expanded or shortened, the decode overlay will adjust to show you just the right amount of information.

Intelligent MDIO Recognition

The MDIO decoder will automatically detect the bit rate and the use of Clause 22 or Clause 45, minimizing the required setup time. Additionally, support is provided for both continuous and bursted clocks for maximum flexibility.

Pattern Search

Search through a long record of decoded data by using a variety of search criteria, or values, or simply finding the next occurrence. Pattern Search automatically creates a zoom trace of the acquired waveform and displays the selected location complete with the transparent color-coded overlay.

Interactive Table Summarizes Results

Turn the oscilloscope into a protocol analyzer with a tabular display of decoded information. Customize the table to show only the data of interest and touch a message in the table to automatically zoom to it and display it on the screen. Export the table for offline analysis. Up to four different decoded signals of any type may be simultaneously displayed in the table.

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