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The MIPI C-PHY Decode, Measure/Graph and Physical Layer (DMP) solution provides transparent color-coded decode overlays, protocol tables, and search capabilities, Measure/Graph capability with automated measurement and graphing tools, and MIPI C-PHY standard-specific capability for physical layer signal assessment, debug, and eye diagram creation.

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Key Features
  • Serial decoding of CSI-2 and DSI-2 signals over MIPI C-PHY
    • Intuitive, color-coded overlays
    • Interactive table summarizes results
  • C-PHY Triggered Eye Diagram
  • Physical layer measurements for MIPI C-PHY signals, including:
    • LP-TX Signaling
    • HS-TX Signaling
    • INIT and ULPS
    • Unterminated voltage measurements
  • Intuitive, color-coded decode overlays
  • Interactive protocol table with zoom and pattern search
  • Automated timing measurements
  • Serial data extraction to an analog value (serial DAC) with waveform graphs
  • Eye Diagrams with failure location


Intuitive, color-coded Decode Overlays ("D")

A transparent overlay with color-coding for specific portions of each protocol and the entire message frame makes it easy to understand your serial data information. Unlike other solutions, with protocol decode information away from the signal, our solution correlates the waveform and the protocol decode directly on the display. As the acquisition length is expanded or shortened, the decode overlay will adjust to show you just the right amount of information.

Interactive Table Summarizes Results ("D")

Turn the oscilloscope into a protocol analyzer with a tabular display of decoded information. Customize the table to show only the data of interest and touch a message in the table to automatically zoom to it and display it on the screen. Export the table for offline analysis. Up to four different decoded signals of any type may be simultaneously displayed in the table.

Physical Layer Measurements ("P")

For system bring-up and debug, CPHYbus DMP options add a comprehensive suite of C-PHY electrical conformance test measurement parameters– enabling CSI-2 or DSI-2 protocol issues to be tracked down to their root cause at the electrical level. Unique measurement and graphic tools also enhance the capabilities of the decode function for even deeper embedded systems analysis.

Eye Diagrams ("E")

CPHYbus DMP also easily interactively creates a “triggered” eye diagram of the C-PHY signal, as defined in the MIPI C-PHY specification.



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