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The USB4® Sideband Trigger, Decode (USB4-SB TD) Trigger+Decode option provides high performance triggers and transparent color-coded decode overlays, protocol tables, and search capabilities.

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Key Features
  • Trigger on USB4® Thunderbolt™ Sideband Link Management Events
  • Decode Link (LT), Admin (AT), and Re‑timer (RT) Transactions on SB-TX and SB-RX
  • Intuitive, color-coded overlays and annotation
  • Interactive protocol table with zoom and pattern search


Comprehensive and Powerful USB4-PD Triggering ("T")

Setup the USB4-SB trigger to capture specific events during link training and the decode table to validate sideband link management transactions between devices are conformant to the USB4 specification.

Intuitive, color-coded Decode Overlays ("D")

Simply click on the packet of interest in the protocol table to create a zoom window of the waveform with color coded overlay showing the packet type, command type, and message details.

USB4 Type-C High Speed and Sideband Test Coupon

The TF-USB-C-HS probing coupon enables the industries only oscilloscope that triggers on USB4-SB signals and simultaneously captures high-speed data up to 20 Gb/s on an active link. TF-USB-C-SB probing coupon enables USB Type-C sideband only measurements with all oscilloscope models.

Use standalone or with USB4bus DME Software for PHY Logic Layer Debug

Use TF-USC-C-HS (USB4 High-speed and sideband test Coupon Fixture), DH Series differential probes, USB4bus DME, and USB4-TDMP software to debug PHY link layer training failures on USB4 and Thunderbolt routers, re-timers, and active cables.

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